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  • Great hack. I have a couple quality of life questions.

    Is there a way to alter the dex to follow the actual pokemon national dex? While it is neat feature to search for a specific pokemon, it's easier to find if they are in numbered order.

    When using match call, is there a way to fly to the exact location of the NPC we are able to challenge? I spend more time wandering around trying to find the right person than the actual battle. Can the match call people be grouped by route?
    Thanks for the reply! Maybe if you agree, I can ask the creator of the randomizer to create a randomizer for this rom! He only does that when the original creator agrees with this. Hope you want to see this happen too! :D

    One more question! When I open the game with PGE, a few Pokemon are crashing it. And I mean a few! It's Raichu, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar and Azurill! If you want to have the details, I can always send the error messages. But maybe you already know why this happens.

    Thanks for the reply and I hope you will reply once more! Have a great day ;)
    Quick question!

    Is there a way to randomize this version of the game? Or maybe a version which the UPR recognizes? When I put this rom inside the randomizer, it immediately gives an error message, The Debug log mentions this:

    Randomizer Version: 1720
    ROM: Emerald (U)
    Code: BPEE
    Reported Support Level: Complete

    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 419
    at com.dabomstew.pkrandom.romhandlers.Gen3RomHandler.loadPokedex(Gen3RomHandler.java:694)
    at com.dabomstew.pkrandom.romhandlers.Gen3RomHandler.loadedRom(Gen3RomHandler.java:428)
    at com.dabomstew.pkrandom.romhandlers.AbstractGBRomHandler.loadRom(AbstractGBRomHandler.java:54)
    at com.dabomstew.pkrandom.gui.RandomizerGUI$2.run(RandomizerGUI.java:1003)

    Hope you or someone can help me out!
    Hey! Been playing Altered Emerald and I'm loving it! I just have two questions: where can I find Torchic (I'm in the Jagged pass and it seems Geodude are there instead of Torchic) and where can I find the razor claw to make Sneasel evolve. Thanks in advance!
    Hi, been playing altered emerald and loving it, I've found that I can't find pokemon with their hidden abilities, is there a special way to do this? been trying for a while to get a bagon with sheer force and a wingul with hydration. Any clue what it could be, is it just rare or is there something I need to do?
    Hello! Is there any way to obtain Feebas/Milotic in your Altered Emerald hack? They don't seem to be on the pokemon location list. Thanks!
    Is it possible for you to update the battle backgrounds? The current ones seem a little plain for a hack of this superiority :)
    oh i'll get to repeat the Victory Road. But hey, you seem like an interesting person. You got Discord? I chill there more than here.
    i think i did. But i'm not bothered not having Assault Vest. My huge problem is my VBA crashing on me when i was at the end of the League
    Well, i have the item sooo... TBH it's not much of a problem for me, since i didn't plan in using Assault Vest. So it's not a problem if i forever missed an Assault Vest.
    Thanks! Honestly, I'll be all over a hack with only updated quality of life mechanics and smarter pokemon battles. More pokemon is great but I feel like I can live with the current gen's roster of pokemon.

    Of course, not many people think that way. And I get it, it's all about catching them all.

    Lol. Sorry for the mini rant. Thanks for listening to feedback! :)
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