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  • Hey there, no worries. Thanks for responding, I was thinking maybe you got super busy.

    I'll go back and check the Marts again but for a while they didn't have any.

    Have you come up with an alternative effect for the Vampire Birthsign? Like maybe it raises the power of the Pokemon's attacks when battling at night or something?

    About the level caps, not every player will max out their training to that degree though. Some will do that but if that's how they choose to play the game, let them do that since they would've put in the effort to train. If the Average Candies only lowered levels without lowering stats as well, no problem, but they lower levels and stats and I don't find it fun to train, reach the level cap and then have to constantly rely on the Average Candies. Plus you don't have access to the Pokemon Storage Boxes while you're out in the world, so you can't train one set of Pokemon up to the level cap and then swap them for another team which you could be using in the meantime.

    Since Fly will be in the next update, when do you expect to have that update ready? Early 2021?
    Yo Mashirosakura! While playing through Axis I got an error whenever I try to talk to the Stones merchant in the Aurae Market. I took a screenshot, check the image link.
    I was thinking of using a Water type Silvally because I need a special-based Water type to balance my team of physical and special-based Pokémon.
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