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Megax Rocker
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  • Hm I'm not sure what else could have been causing them not to work then. Yeah I've been meaning to contribute once I've had some more free time. Thanks :) Keep up the good work!
    Ah yes, I had noticed that problem with a couple other animations, and I suppose I forgot to update them. I'll update with the current animations I have now and hopefully that should fix most of the problems. Thanks for letting me know!

    EDIT: some of the other animations may not be working because they use particles that have been added with MrDS' rombase. I know Electro Ball and Gyro Ball use the Moonblast particle.
    Hey man sorry I've been really busy with real life commitments. I haven't done anymore since your last post which is a bit bad of me. So feel free to make some more of any past Timburr that you haven't done yet :)
    hey , yeah i have those but i did not insert them it was a friend of mine who did and im sorry i dont have a patch for that menu only....
    I never said I would insert them for you,

    but I said I would love to help you get them inserted manually

    Which means I can guide you through the process of inserting the whole thing :)
    and yeah if you happen to have discord can you check my signature pls,
    its easier to have quick talks in discord.
    well I am still working on the tool,
    indeed it the task I am doing at this moment,
    but the tool is gonna have some changes probably,
    so you might or might not see the planned features in it.

    Still I would love to help you get them inserted manually,
    as learning to do things manually is always a good idea.
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