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  • ive updated one of your scripts to essentials v20.1 is it ok for me to release the script with you in the credits?
    Hi there, Are you still recruiting for programming help on the Pokemon Unity 2D project?I have experience in OOP for both Java and Python, worked with html and css. and am willing to learn C# for this project. I hope that you consider my request and thank you for the offer anyways!
    Hi just read about the "Unity-Pokemon Engine " and wanted to ask whats the current status and if i could offer any help, i know c# and have js basics and good html and css knowledge, btw im austria so sry for my bad english
    Hello, i haven't been on PC in awhile and I was wondering if you could help me with something. Back in the day there was a "help recruitment" thread and im having trouble finding it. Im making a fan made game and would like some help doing it so i thought it would be a good idea to visit PC again!:)
    Hi Mej, dunno if I should use the Report button for this since I've only used it for posts that had to be deleted so far.
    Shouldn't this thread go in the Scripts & Tutorials section?
    Hi mej71, my name is Cesar and im from spain so sorry if my english is not the better but i try it :( . I was searching a pokemon game made in Unity to play when i found your post about Pokemon Unity 2d so i registered to can talk with you. Im 20 and im studying game development in Madrid. The last year we studied Unity and c# and i wanted to know if i can help you with your proyect in some way. I wait that you can understand my english and i wait your answer soon, care you and good luck with all this, it looks amazing for me :D
    I tried to make a post on one of the game fourms, but I dont think it got approved could you tell me how to get it approved or what fourm I'd need to go to? I'm new and I tried to post where it was appropriate.
    It's easily my favorite fan game ever made. I really want to see where it goes next. :D

    However, I think you guys should focus on making a cohesive team of designers and not have just a bunch of random people on 4chan work on it, in my opinion. Also, why not have a reddit, twitter page, or at the very least, a main 4chan thread (if you can).

    Nonetheless, I can't WAIT to see the next update, and see where the story goes. Keep kickin' ass bro.
    Hi, I saw that you were working on Pokémon Sage, first off, if you are working on it, I'm a HUGE fan of the game. However, may I ask, why aren't you and the rest of your team posting your status of everything here?
    Hello. I've made a mistake in a thread I created yesterday at Progressing Games. I had it as a working draft and forgot to edit something that's breaking one of the forum rules, specifically about monetization of Essentials. Should I make another thread with that corrected?
    Hi, yesterday I created a thread in the game developement section and it's still not verified. I hope you can open it as soon as possible.
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