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  • No worries!

    Your entry is still there with Dunsparce and Loudred, so just let me know when you know the third (has to be either Chansey, Ditto, Eevee, or Smeargle) and it can be updated!
    No worries. I think I have since deleted you as I had to make room for other people who I was doing things with, but have you had anyone check for you yet?
    Hi! Have you figured out your Safari yet? I'd like to update the Friend Safari document with full info. Let me know if you'd like help finding out your third Pokémon! (I see you listed Dunsparce and Loudred already.)
    Hey. You are a good OW spriter?
    Well, could you maybe help me?
    I made a front OW of a teenager but cant make them in other directions^^
    Oh shyt. I'm glad you're all right.

    Talk about horrible timing, I guess for public safety they had to make sure the guy wasn't lurking. I know I've been in lockdown before because of one of those random locker searches the police bring dogs to the school for. I'm not sure why they do it at random, but something must have happened to provoke it. You can't even leave the room to go to the washroom.

    Get back to me with your FC. I may be able to make myself available by Tuesday. While it's unlikely, if I have your friend code by Saturday morning (Sept. 1), there is a SLIGHT chance of something that day; however, it's only slight. If you send your FC, keep your eyes here for a msg. from me.
    Tomorrow as in today? Or tomorrow? If today, I might be able to take your friend code and hop online later if I get it quickly (what do you want for them? Dittos? :) ); otherwise, it might be waiting for a couple of days or so.
    I never look at gender when catching Pokémon (after all, if that rare 5% shows up, chances are I don't care what gender it is). I don't even have a nature preference; if I really want to be picky, I'll do it later as this is not for competitive battling...only for in-game. Someday I might get one prepped in W2 for the PWT, but way too early for that. I also have a flawless Japanese Ditto in G5 and some Ditto on standby in G4. If I want to be gender-fussy, I can do it myself. :D

    The only request, if any, would be a Lucky Egg held by one on trade. I know this can be hard, tho, as it's a 5% chance on wild Chansey and that's it in many games.
    Raising is optional. :) If you want to get them up a few levels (which is handy as I don't have my Exp. Share yet in SS, and Lucky Eggs only exist post-E4 unless traded beforehand), go ahead, but don't forge into the teens very far as Lv.12 (for Chikorita) is where the first move goes forgotten, and Totodile is at Lv.13. Speaking of, those are the two I'm looking for; I tend to start with Fire. :D I am around the 20s right now myself; I have my Togetic evolved and at Lv.24 as my highest right now (it handled the fourth Gym, Ghost type, along with Kadabra), and my Combusken is not very far behind at Lv.23.

    I'm not too overly concerned with being obeyed by them now; I think the E4 is in the 40s for the first run, and the fourth badge gives obedience to anything up to 50, so I'm not even concerned about breeding my own ATM (I might do that someday when importing to Black or White 2 so that the starters themselves remain in Gen. IV). I can use the trainer ID in the lotto corner, too, so I will collect those; I even kept Webster's Spearow by giving the mail to someone else before Route 31 and the 01001 is included in my checks. :)
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