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  • Thanks! Hope you made some copies for yourself :) Both are HT. Both are HP Ice (not that it matters on Cress). Both were RNG'd by others for me, so i have the power to give you the redis rights we talked about
    I'm in the GMT +10 timezone (though I'm actually an hour forward due to daylight savings), but you can look up a converter to see where you can find a suitable timeframe to trade.
    I can only trade in SM right now. Do you know what you want for the Oshawott, so that I know when we can get a trade deal arranged?
    I appreciate the Blaziken Egg that you and the shop provides for I would recommend the shop for sure! Thanks again.
    Sorry for the late PM, Ill be on tomorrow morning or night. Near 8AM or 9PM. If you want any Pokémon from the before mentioned, please Tell me ^^.
    Well then I have a request. I received through a wonder trade in pokemon moon a rather strange pokemon, it's a lvl 100 Shiny Aipom with Nature: Modest, Ability: Pickup and all of it's Iv's are no good except for S.Att which is max.
    It's OT is someone called monkey-lover from Spain.
    It's probably the weirdest pokemon I have, when I first got it I was like huh?, wtf!, why?!
    I really don't know what to do with or make of it xD
    I'd be willing to trade it for any lvl Ditto with at least one max Iv, it might make a good conversational piece?
    I'll try and be on more during the weekdays.
    Some one traded me one of your lovely shiny fletchlings I don't know why, it's cute and I plan to keep it :)
    I am looking for a HA blaziken girl if possible I only have theee shiny mon, celebi which I think is legit I transferred him over from AS. My 4IV Ditto with its HA and a Politoed. I was directed here and was told you could help.
    So this is what I have to trade with you in sun and moon.
    A shiny riolu male lvl1 2Iv's of attack and speed but S.Def is no good.
    A Shiny Ladorus lvl 100 4 Iv's and att and def at VG
    A Horsea female 5Iv modest Def PG egg moves water pulse, signal beam, aurora beam, dragon breath.
    Alolan Vupix female 5Iv modest Health PG egg moves Extrasensory, Hypnosis,Freeze-Dry and Moonblast.
    I will offer all of them for any pokemon you have as an apology for getting back to you so late for our trades.
    hmm to make it easier, what times are you available for trading on the weekend? let me know and I'll try and get on during that time.
    Since when I'm randomly getting online I always seem to miss you >.<
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