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  • That does sound interesting. I have some creative writing skills, but I'm a bit rusty at it. I'm not even sure what I would write about though. :X

    'nanowimo'? Since this is the first time I've heard that word, I would guess no. XD
    Yes, unfortunately. My hours got an addition cut on Wednesdays, recently. I'm not really that worried, it seems to usually pick up by next month. Hopefully. XD
    Heh, I get a 3-day weekend. This was quite exciting at first, until I saw my first paycheck since the schedule change. I wanted to puke... XD
    I haven't actually talked to you since you joined this site, so I'm not sure if you even remember me. You've been here a while, so how has it been so far? :D
    All good! Most people miss it so I'm not surprised haha. Make sure to convert the time as it's all listed in my time! @w@
    Sorry, I only have specific times I can trade. Like I said, please see giveaway thread for times and let me know what would work.
    Hiya! So someone asked for the Male Feebas that I have, so I will be sending you the Female one if that's alright!
    I am back from my trip and have trade times available again! Details are in my giveaway thread, so please check and let me know what day and time would work! c:
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