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  • I think the backlash character is not included in the GS font I've put in Essentials GS, I've actually put that font for the spanish characters I needed for my fangame (á, é, í, ó, ú and ñ). Maybe you could try to change the font in the Main script for other Pokémon RGB/GSC font, but I really don't know. I even was thinking in making my own font for Essentials GS compatible with all the characters available.
    Yeah, I agree with you there. I'm used to working with Gen III graphics because I'm a former ROM Hacker, and I'm best at mapping with FRLG-style tilesets so that's what I'm sticking with.
    Oh, you don't need to. There's a thread somewhere in the Game Dev section with a PBS File for all the Gen VI Pokémon. You'll need to add the fairy type yourself, but that's it.

    That said, I haven't actually gotten around to doing that myself yet, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do about sprites, as I'm using animated BW sprites and all the Gen VI ones... kind of clash.
    Nice! Unfortunately I won't be able to make a demo for a while unless I want to release it without the chaos system as I haven't really learned how to properly implement that yet. There's also a bug in Essentials itself that's breaking Delta Pokémon, and hopefully that'll be fixed in 16.2
    I've been pondering Gym Designs all day and making some tiles for those, as there's a Gym Design contest going on I'd like to participate in.
    I've opened up the All Threads Posted by Rainbow page on another computer and I'm writing a script to constantly refresh the page, search for the word Shadowstone, and ring a loud alarm when the thread finally goes up.
    I like your ideas as well!

    My game also has an element of Hoenn - it's similar to how Johto and Kanto are related in GSC. My region neighbors Hoenn and you'll be able to explore it after defeating the E4.

    You've got me pretty interested in yours as well now. Let me know if you need any help with it. :)
    Basically about a thing called the Delta Machine that can change pokémon types. The evil team captures it and tries to harness it to create a pokémon with no weaknesses.
    One of the ideas is that the game has a chaos system where your actions will change a lot of events that occur in the game and have a big impact on the ending. For example, you can join the evil team and sabotage them, join them and stay a member, or just battle them normally.
    We shoud be "waiting in frustration for my thread to be approved by an inactive moderator" buddies.
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