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  • Oh hey! gosh it's been so long! your profile is gorgeous!! I don't remember if it was this astral and pastel this entire time but wow!

    I have been hard at work! Lots of irons in the fire atm. :) How about you?
    congrats. dw bout the respond time lol everyone's been busy. hope you'll manage and live well :)

    don't go too hard on yourself ya
    thanks! hope everything smooths out on that side of the planet as well. what have you been up to?
    the usual; you know, remembering the spacing after inserting commas. ironic how i just started my second semester with a lecture on english for business communications
    Thank you! It was hard to pick a favorite gif/image though! I just watched his latest video on Takis...LMAO.
    thank you, a lot of people tell me it's flashy, lmfao. ;;

    i followed you on twitter, btw, my @ is kirihara_atom it's mostly only love live tho
    He did a few things, yeah. If you ever watch Soul Eater... he voiced Excalbur. He's done other stuff in Marvel like my beloved Loki (and he does it better imo) and DC Comics like Joker, but he's mostly all for video games galore.
    Yeah. I see why they are such good friends. Troy used to be an anime voice actor but... he moved towards video games and does that as a living now. It doesn't eve surprise me that the two are close.
    Oh! Hey, speaking of gaming stuff... Troy Baker follows Jacksepticeye. I never thought I'd see that. It's cute that he supports him tbh. :D Troy is MY newest obsession, even though I've liked him since 2010. Met him in 2012. <3 Amazing sweetheart. >w< Anyway, you should check out Retro Replay. It's a gaming thing where Troy and Nolan play these super retro games... and they can be pretty funny. There's no new episodes until further notice... California is in lockdown.
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