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  • Of course! My dad actually comes home tomorrow. He broke his hip badly, so I guess he had two rods put in. He's been in rehab for a while now. My mom and I will have to help him do things for a while. Like, he has to wear this therapy belt... and one of us holds it as he gets around with the walker.
    We ended up not being able to go. :c Something personal came up on the day we were going to leave, and it forced us with the realization that we shouldn't go anymore.
    Thanks to you I've been watching more JSE! I really fell off his content for a while (same with Markiplier and Pewdiepie) but it's been hilarious watching his videos and his Minecraft series.

    So, thank you. :)
    Hey! It's Fairy. :) Click on this profile to see how the design is coming along. What do you think so far? :D
    a) damn, are you in a psych class? that's hella cool, i love psych stuff
    b) are you still on spring break? also nice job on not procrastinating lmao
    oh my god i'm so sorry i haven't been looking at the forums and just saw this but yes i'm fully fluent in gay lemme tell ya. i'm okay!! how are you?
    There's also Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol, which is really on the same level. It's much more tempered, though.

    And writing Tim Burton-esque stuff is haaaard.
    Lmao I might want to amend that statement, but it's just little hormonal triggers and whatever. Which is very aggravating - one wants to feel entitled to their sadness and despair, and not have it flapped away as Just One of Those Things. And it makes more sense to feel sad than to feel constantly happy, anyway, so which emotion is the nasty little impostor? It's so complicated.

    Same. I just perused Wikipedia for a few afternoons. Fascinating stuff. And sociopaths and psychopaths are much maligned, but should that be right? They've just got a piece missing.
    The depression might have been due to stress. Feeling much better now!

    Oooh, psychology! How much do you know about personality disorders? They're bloody fascinating. Especially schizophrenia, Asperger's, psychopathy, sociopathy, et cetera.
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