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  • Sounds rough. But at least people like Nietzsche have a healthy opinion on it - "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". So I'll try and think of it as psychological boot camp.

    Studying philosophy actually sounds like a riot, if not seriously difficult with lots of god damn fancy terms.
    Thanks! And you too! I'm just feeling gloomy 'cause I got smacked in the face with an unexpected hit of depression. Nothing major, but it's there. It feels as though there's an iron ball in my chest, and it's like I'm a stranger/enemy in my own head. Have you ever had that feeling?
    Well, it's definitely possible to chase both, so I may as well. And the academy I'm going to head to, it's giving a pretty extensive course. Dance, music, acting, et cetera. So its totally worthwhile no matter what I end up doing. It's better than studying plants at least, or whatever.
    Been listening to My Chemical Romance. What a trip. I like Gerard Way's solo enterprises more, but it's super fun, nostalgic stuff. Starting a band sounds like the dream. Do you think it's more or less stressful than acting?
    Wail! just got an email saying that I'm a likely finalist because of lack of entries...?!!! This is rubbish. Utter bollocks. Brilliant but horrible. I'm gonna make something garbage-y and it's going to get through.

    Have you ever listened to Sigrid? She's a Norwegian singer, and her new album is gnarly. Very feel good, very optimistic, with crazy unique vocals. It doesn't hurt that she's a Scandinavian beauty, either.
    Comedy music, eh? I'm not very familiar with that. Is it sort of like Freaky Friday by Chris Brown and whatever the other guy is called?

    And god, I've got to go offline and do my flipping monologue. Only have eight days left and its horrible, but I just have to get it over with already...!
    But I guess that music doesn't always have to be about quality, or vocals or meaning. It can just make you feel good. Same with art. Same with everything. The trick to life is feeling good, but not killing yourself doing it. So drugs and smoking are out of the matrix. Best replaced with running on the beach and headbanging to Muse at dawn. Hazardous but not lethal.

    So I legitimately have no right to pull faces at other people's music tastes, because anything that makes you feel good isn't worthless. But get down to art and the importance of quality, then yeah, throw mud and stones because it's serious shit.
    Unique voices are about the place, though. That's great. Matt Bellamy and Sia, and whatsit. And there's this 19 year old dude called Sawyer Fredericks, and he's got a pretty damn great voice. He's still under the radar and you know, sings country ballads mostly, but he's got that vocal power which makes a singer so interesting.
    I attribute his brilliance to his Irishness. Ah yeah. Sedated and Almost (Sweet Music) are masterpieces, alongside Take me to Church, of course. He's an example of a talented lyric writer. Right now, everyone is so hung up on meaningless simplicity. Where's the depth? Where's the truth? Where's the proficiency of rhymes?!
    Yeah, very stressful! I'm still exhausted from my last writing deadline. But thanks. There's a lot of inspiration to draw from - 'specially from the likes of Alan Alder and Gary Oldman and whatnot. Well, not so much the latter but he gives off a vibe that inspires you to be a genius.
    Scream. I've got to write a short monologue play in like, two weeks. If I'm one of the finalists, though, someone will perform it for me! How exciting, if not a bit annoying. Like, c'mon! Let me do it! But who knows, maybe there's some kind of clause where you can perform your own stuff. Then I'd have a spare month with which to rehearse. That's pretty decent.
    Gypsy and the Cat are a great indie band, by the way. Hearts a Gun, The Piper Song and Time to Wander, especially. Feelgood songs, and not without emotion. They make you miss people that never existed.
    Every once and a while I try scouring albums and mixes on Youtube. That's how I found out about a lot of great musicians, though they were of the more obscure kind. Mainstream usually equates to crappy. Like Wham! from the 80's. Eurghh.

    Founds some good tunes through ransacking FIFA songs. They usually have some pretty great, obscure indie musicians. Never would have found out about Parade of Lights, Fitz and the Tantrums and Kwabs without them. Walk by Kwabs is actually a masterpiece.
    One shots are hard for me tbh. It's like... my brain can't wrap around them or anything. D: It's weird because some of my first few stories I wrote were one shots... and now it's as if I lost the ability to do them. So, I'm kind of the opposite lol. I haven't really been writing a whole lot because I spend more time in my room now. It's cooler during the day time and such. Plus, I have distractions that I like.
    I'll try them out. I've burnt up all my usual musicians, anyway. But right now I'm obsessed with Celtic music! I was up at 3 AM listening to bagpipes last night. A bit of Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban, too. Ahh, real music.

    Gang of Youths is also a brilliant Australian band. I've only listened to some of their stuff, but it feels fresh, new and powerful. They're not doing a lame imitation act of some band that is outdated, like so many.
    I can never finish my stories tbh... not only that, but I also can't write what people tell me to write. For example, if you told me to write a story about unicorns and rainbows or something... I could never do it. D:

    Yeah! It sure does. It's easy to relate to and makes you realize that you aren't alone. <3
    As long as you didn't delete anything like The Killers, or I'd have a coronary. When You Were Young is a masterpiece of the most mind-bending proportions.
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