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  • No, it's not. This is a big mistake. :X
    But now that you talked about this challenge, I would make some things different if I'd start it now.
    I just picked up my copy of Ultra Moon today at EB Games. I got the one that came with the steelbook and the store assistant also gave me that double-sided poster.

    First time I actually got some free gifts with a Pokemon game purchase, funnily enough.
    I saw your Azurilland posts and you lost two of them against Ilima, who possesses the most overpowered Smeargle in the world (Technician is way too OP at such an early stage when your team doesn't have the defenses to stand up to it) and one that fell in its first battle and failed to shine at all. And then you go on to lose another one to Hala, and you got something terrible for the Ten Carat Hill encounter.

    Anyways, best of luck with both Salazzle and Lurantis!
    It was a while ago but yeah Wobbu was kinda hard to train. My team choices were driven mostly by if I hadn't really used them before, which is why I used it and didn't use Feraligatr. Not to mention I wanted to use something other than another water type.
    yeah, I look forward to it. I think the Gigalith I had was the in-game trade one so that helped with exp.
    It's debatable, but that's because Marriland is an experienced player. Usually the times he racks up a high number of deaths is because of something he didn't expect.
    I do admit 1st Gen is definitely difficult to Nuzlocke, probably even harder than Platinum for that matter.
    I guess that's great that you're doing another Monocolor Challenge. I still would have loved a Nuzlocke/Wedlocke in Sun & Moon from you, especially since that games has some scary branded Nuzlocke Killers.

    And update on Marriland's Sun Nuzlocke - he will take on Team Skull's mansion next episode and still has only lost five Pokemon. It's definitely on track to surpass the Platinum Nuzlocke for the lowest death count of a main Nuzlocke on his channel.
    Speaking of Wedlockes, I started watching a Platinum Wedlocke from a YouTube named Kroma and I'm currently up to the Gym battle against Fantina where he finally got his first death of the series and get this - the death in question wasn't just one Pokemon, but Fantina did a huge massacre and killed four of his Pokemon - Aftershock the Grotle, Turbo the Luxio, Colossus the Geodude and Fahrenheit the Ponyta. Aftershock was also female which as we know is rare to see on a starter.

    The only two members of Kroma's team who survived that deadly Gym were Flashback the Alakazam and her partner Hurricane the Roselia.
    What makes these two Pokemon that died to crit Future Sights even more funny is that Hawthorne (Whimsicott) died to a Gothorita while you lost Mim to a Duosion. Both Psychic-types in question are coincidentally version exclusives in the 5th Gen games.
    I believe Hi4H had had that Axew since the beginning of the game since that was what he got when he traded his starter away, and its Litleo partner is also still standing since joining the team at the beginning. I do hope those two can make it all the way so they can be like a pair version of Marriland's long-running survivors like Fries, Carrot and Cardinal.
    I think I see the Black Nuzlocke you are talking about, Dino lost Hawthorne the Whimsicott to a trainer's Gothorita getting a critical hit Future Sight in Chargestone Cave. If I recall your Black Personalocke, you lost Mim the Gigalith in the same way at Celestial Tower, which was not too far from Chargestone Cave either, so that's very eerie it happened near the same point you lost Mim.
    I might have to see what that one was, but as for Hi4H and his WonderPersonaWedlocke he had Axial survive Lysandre's Mega Gyarados while still as a Fraxure. I never knew that long-standing member of his team was so tanky. Also, his Greninja apparently died to the same double battle that killed Cocoa the Shiny Slurpuff in Devin's X Wedlocke.
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