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  • I did see her Pelipper kill both Chimney and Chanterelle, but then again there was nothing those two could do. Well done to Derpy and Bed Bug for avenging them though. Also, nice to see you add that Gloom to the team. Will she evolve into a Vileplume or a Bellossom though?

    I also noticed you added Electrike as the other new team member. I love Manectric so I hope he goes far. The good thing about a Gloom + Electrike pair is the fact they'll destroy literally every Water-type you'll face.
    Ah yes, Reflection Cave is bad. Very bad. Wouldn't be surprised if he suffered a massacre there, or even wiped out and ended the series abruptly.

    Interesting to hear you resumed that PersonaWedlocke as well, and I guess Winona didn't turn out as bad as you thought.
    I noticed Hi4H had some progress in his PersonaWedlocke, with Axial the Axew and Lumbar the Litleo managing to defeat Ramos and earn the Plant Badge, which I knew was going to be easy given that duo both resisted Grass. Awesome to see Lumbar evolve into Pyroar afterwards as well, and Risorius is a Gardevoir now.
    Given you'll focus more on non-Locke challenges, I'd love to see a return to Monocolour and Monotype challenges. I really loved that Blue Monocolour in Alpha Sapphire, given you had some powerful Pokemon like Swampert, Heracross and Huge Power Azumarill. The Y Dark Monotype was great, especially given how awesome a lot of Dark-types are.
    I see you're using Mudkip again... so that's now two ongoing Hoenn Nuzlockes that you've chosen Mudkip in. As for Alpha Sapphire, good to see Norman wasn't much difficulty at all, and Derpy should be evolving into Swampert sometime soon. As for Winona, I could suggest Derpy as your best answer since he's probably got Rock Slide which should be super-effective against all of her Pokemon except Skarmory, and for Skarmory you could just be throwing neutral-damage Surf on it since its Sp. Defense is weaker than its Defense.

    And for Y, McCloud should be evolving into Braixen soon which will be great, and hopefully the next couple of routes give you some good Pokemon. However looking at your team it appears Grant may be trouble for you.
    Nice to see Y having good progress, especially getting that Psyduck after landing the lucky bonus encounter opportunity. Also, it was nice to see you get a red Flabebe this time, because it was about time to have a break from the yellow ones.
    Hopefully Blaze got a good partner because she'll be stuck as a Litleo for a while so she'll need a guy who can easily defend her. As for two female with higher male ratios, maybe I'm sensing a Machop in there? Eevee could be a possible one as well.
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