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  • Oh wow... but as they say, never let your friends down.

    And as for Alpha Sapphire, I heard Macromedia was your first one to perish. Seriously what is it with Whismur evolution line in Nuzlockes and not making it to their Exploud stage? First there was Casserole and Vizio, and now this. Good luck with that Torkoal though, using it will hopefully show more love to the fiery tortoise.

    And nice to see you've made good progress in Y. Hopefully you caught some good Pokemon along the way, and best of luck taking on Grant.
    I'm sure you'll do well, because it wouldn't be right to go out without one final challenge. But interesting to hear how you're going to rewrite the story.
    Good to hear you're getting Y back on track! Even if no huge disaster happens I know that this will be the challenge that will be the perfect send-off to your Nuzlocke career on Azurilland.
    Wow Hi4H lost his Psyduck due to paralysis hax... and he has like only one female Pokemon he can use for Servine's new partner, which is the Ralts, because Numel won't be compatible with Axew. It's like his females are always cursed or something, but I do hope he gets some more female Pokemon because it's getting scary.

    And a Frogadier for Fletchinder's new partner? Didn't see that coming, but hey another starter is always great to have.
    Pikachu was at least a good one to end up with, considering Viola's Pokemon are both weak to Electric (thanks to their second types) so it won't be too bad, and once you beat her there will be more options for encounters, plus a potential Squirtle from Sycamore as well.
    Hopefully your next attempt on Y goes smoothly as far as encounters go. Wiggler was a nice name for a Butterfree though, if I say so myself.

    But yeah, I will be interested to hear if he'll choose Zigzagoon or Eevee for Fletchinder's new partner. If he goes with the latter I think Espeon, Jolteon or Sylveon will be his best options for Eeveelutions.
    I see Hi4H lost his Dustox... and looking at his males he's only got two compatible Pokemon which are both Normal-types. Squirtle, Minun, Poochyena and Marill can't be used due to Axew on the team while Espurr can't be on the team due to Snivy, so it's pretty much a choice between a Zigzagoon and Eevee.

    I think he might pick the Eevee for Fletchinder's new partner because that way he can choose an Eeveelution that can complement Fletchinder. I do hope he evolves it into Espeon or Sylveon, both being very good throughout the game.
    If you didn't know, people are starting to post updates and sign ups for the Wedlocke challenge, are you going to be updating the thread? If not can you let Necrum know so he can find someone new to take over. ^.^
    spread the love of octopus cat to 5 of your contacts and your biggest wish will come true [IMG]

    Slovakia may not have gotten screentime in the final battle, but it was so amazing seeing a Muk live to the end. Now I have something positive to view in that pile of sludge.
    Saw the Iris fight... it was sad having to sacrifice Egypt, Algeria and Morocco but they did proud... especially with Australia dealing the final blow.
    I did see what happened to DINO and HW. The former getting a Cottonee that's just like Algeria... how coincidental. Good luck with Y, and maybe you might get Fennekin as your Kalos starter this time so you can complete the trio with your previous X Wedlockes.
    So, looking at your PC in Alpha Sapphire you have five males (Aron, Wingull, Roselia, Torkoal, Numel) and only two females (Zigzagoon and Taillow) so you may have to use Gender Clause for your next couple of encounters.
    And Hi4H has to get a new partner for Wrinkles the Dustox, and the three candidates in the PC for a female partner are a Numel, Ralts and Psyduck. Looking at the team, it appears the only compatible Pokemon is Psyduck, because the Numel is the opposite nature of Axew, and he already has a Quirky nature on the team meaning Ralts is out. Psyduck is a Naughty nature and he's got no Calm Pokemon on the team.

    So, I guess Wrinkles is going to be paired with a Psyduck, and I guess that's alright given it can take down Fire and Rock-types.
    Black Belt Igor wasn't it? He is infamous alright. Poor Luvdisc didn't survive long, which I did sorta expect given how weak they are. If Dustox made it out alive, hopefully his third partner is something that can synergize with him well.

    Speaking of Fighting-type trainers in XY, let's hope that one Battle Girl with the Sawk (you know who) in the Frost Cavern doesn't kill something in your Personalocke. It would just be disheartening to have her kill three Pokemon in three Nuzlockes, because it's time you get revenge for the deaths of Lily and Peridot from your previous X Wedlockes.

    And you caught an Aron? I knew you were saving the Granite Cave encounter for later, and I'm sure it'll make a decent team member when given the chance and the fact it's your fave Hoenn Pokemon.
    And Wile Coyote evolved as well... at least he should be able to hit harder as a Mightyena. I do know you'll need a Moon Stone to evolve Classy, but there are some more routes coming up with new encounters. As for Flannery, Derpy will pretty much have to solo her since Bed Bug hates Fire-types.
    Ah yeah, HW had his first death, but did manage to get past Cheren in the Trainer's School. Let's hope he got the Pansage so that Cress won't be as hard. It's one of the reasons why B/W Nuzlockes are hard early-game, because you can literally only get four encounters until the first Gym is defeated.
    So you chose Druddigon and Cottonee for your new Pokemon in Black 2... not what I was expecting, but it will be interesting to see how this Cottonee will fare without Prankster, especially because Infiltrator wasn't very good in this generation.

    And for AS, you got another Roselia for the Route 117 encounter, and Macromedia also evolved! He definitely got further than Vizio and Casserole for sure. As for the Gym, that won't be much trouble since you have Derpy.
    Wow you have had some close calls in these trainer battles... especially with Classy, Macromedia and Bed Bug all coming close to dying, especially the latter against an annoying Leech Seed-ing Roselia. But points to Chanterelle for taking a crit Spark from an Electrike that could have killed Macromedia.

    But as for other upcoming encounters, for Route 111 I presume that if you happen to encounter Geodude via the Rock Smash, you'll skip it and try and get something in the desert, like you did in Omega Ruby. And for Meteor Falls I think you might plan to go fishing for a Magikarp since you likely don't want Zubat, and Lunatone banned due to being genderless.
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