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  • I keep wondering if I should go with White 2 instead of White due to there being more Pokemon available in those games. But I kind of want a little bit of a challenge too, so idk. What do you think?
    I was thinking about doing an LP of Platinum on YouTube but I can't get my computer to record my voice and the game sound at the same time so I pitched that idea in favor of just getting the challenge done. lol Where else are you posting updates at?
    You're very welcome! ^^
    Yes, I am. It hasn't been going too bad (if only I would stop getting distracted by other things lol).
    How is yours going?
    Oh hi there, you added me as a friend not so long ago, and i just wanted to say hello ^_^
    Lol! Nice, I'm glad you do! I hated dorming so much that it was one of the reasons why I transferred schools xD
    Not too much, just enjoying my Sunday. Eating pancakes and playing Pokemon xD

    How goes it with you?
    I don't have much plans, to be honest. Just working at a local Dunkin' Donuts store and trying to move up the ladder, haha.
    It's not that interesting. It's almost like any other city. ^^"

    No, that's not me. It's just a celebrity. I don't remember who it is, though. xD
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