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Phantom Phoenix
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  • I need more information than that. What commands you're entering into the console, and what's happening.
    Hey please reply on discord, I really need your help!
    Hey, u on discord???
    Please add me...
    I need help
    Hey, u on discord???
    Please add me...
    I need help
    isnt the same working with you.

    And also I am reverting my signature back to original :)
    How is it possible, the code you gave me works fine in my signature,
    Check my signature and reply to me as soon as possible :)
    The discord channel i made is linked in my signature.

    By the way my discord name is same as in here..
    #4692 my discord number
    I tried to send my signature code to you,
    but it says cant use bb code in message...

    But its working relly fine with me....

    can you instead share me your signature code
    yeah I will look into stat - change animations . but I will need the animation source before that.And bug mania's is only a patch. that's why I want the asm source
    omg i just realized that you're lightning x </3
    of course you'd notice the glitches
    ye my implementation is much the same but i use an accessible ram offset to store the animation table
    looking at the code, that makes sense :P mine probably has the same problem XD
    you can just remake the stat animations probably? i mean i've yet to really look in-depth to anything battle-related

    btw i like your profile customizations~
    well um i found this instead (i can't access my computer atm like at all), but i think it works :P
    haven't looked at it at all. it may not work because of the way it's implemented (it uses nonexistant ram), but check it out~
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