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  • Hi there, I got an email about your post to my thread a few days ago, but since it appears to have been removed I figured I'd just drop you a message directly.

    For the most part, the HMTK and Pokemon Essentials functionality is entirely separate, so most of the functionality should just plug and play. However, certain aspects of the farming system will need some changes. Last I remember (it's been a long time) Pokemon Essentials had some features that mess with the tilemap functionality. Those changes likely aren't compatible with my own changes to the tilemap, so you'd have to account for that. I remember there being some slight differences in how to reference tiles in the current map. I looked into that for Maruno a couple years ago or so and posted the solution in the old Essentials thread. You should be able to find it by searching there. The scripting knowledge required to implement that may be pretty advanced though.

    Also, the save/load system isn't compatible either. You'd need to move the elements my tool kit saves into the save/load feature in Essentials to ensure changes aren't lost. This includes saving current map data so that changes persist, which essentials doesn't do to my knowledge. This could have some unexpected side effects, but no harm in trying I suppose. You'd probably need to modify the map loading directly in Essentials, and disable the one in my tool kit.

    Many features will work fine, but there are still several that won't be so easy to implement without a lot of scripting knowledge. If you've got the time to learn and go through lots of trial and error, it is certainly possible though. I had considered doing it myself years ago, but I don't have any plans of returning to it now. Best advice I can give is to paste all scripts from HMTK into Essentials, and just try working through the errors until things start working.
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