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  • I guess the thing is, I get a sample(short) and convert it to 8 bit for wavesaur and I insert it into a free offset and edit it in the voice group, and all I get is nothing. I assume it's either too big, or I missed something.
    hi there, I see you're pretty knowledgeable about music hacking. Could I have some help by any chance? I have .midi I want to insert, but I have no idea how to insert samples. I know GoGo has a tutorial about it, but I wanted to see if you could offer a bit of guidance as well. Appreciate it if you can, thank you
    Terminados :)

    Haha, "many updates to come". I will launch it when the other person give me the feedback about another tool Im improving.
    I will ask you another thing, could you also give a brief explanation about what this tool does, last time i did whit a previous tool i mess up.
    Do you also have any sujestion? My a thing you didnt agree, some dificulty you encounter while using the tool or maybe a just a new feature you think the tool should have?
    Tell me, if you find any bugs, also if you have a suggestion for the name, it would be great.
    ok, but imagine that someone wants upload a 1200x860 image, the tool will still work.
    If i try to resize the from whit that upload image, it wont fit on the screen, thats why i usualy force to have a size, if you have a option in mind that can solve this problem, fell free to share.
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