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    that's one of the reasons why I watch it. The old art/animation style is what keeps me going back to watch it.
    Lol fair enough! I'm doing pretty well in the real world... Full time job, engagement, all that fun stuff. But i'm still the same old loser nerd i've always been. Pokemon hype, anime girls, sparkles, the usual
    sorry for the late response i got busy at work lmao
    i'm ok, super tired rn. i think i'm about to take a shower and go to bed.

    also - i'm on wellbutrin, too! twins!
    I play DBZ Dokkan Battle which is a gacha game. That game kind of re-ignited the spark. Even before that though, DBZ is my favorite anime of all time.
    I thought it was an interesting post, and I meant to reply but had to run! Will reply now :)
    lol they said in order for me to be exempt I'd have to take a Russian reading/writing/speaking exam, but unfortunately I cannot write properly in Russian anymore and reading is slow for me. -.- But I'm a fluent speaker. alas....

    And I'm in SA staying temporary with the bf haha. He lives here atm for a work contract (set to expire July 2021) and I'm enjoying my stay on a holiday visa before going back to NY for a while. Yay freedom!
    Yeah. That's true. I mean, I feel like it might be something to bring up with her. It wouldn't hurt to get her opinions on the matter. She knows I have a lot of trouble with my anxiety... problem is, everyone always say it's just part of my autism and what not. I don't think that's true. My anxiety disables me from doing many things, and there's so much that people fail to understand or hear. D: I know what you mean about wanting solutions... that's exactly what I want. Everything else I've tried either gives minimal results, or doesn't do anything. I'm always stressing about some minor thing... and then I get more anxiety after realizing the "minor" thing was no big deal. D:
    Believe me, I know what you mean with ADHD med side effects. I've been on and off various meds for mine since the second grade. I hear Ritalin is literally the worst. I took this once and it didn't make me better, but it actually made me much worse than what I was. I'm currently taking Concerta, and it's worked wonders for me. I've taken it for years, and it's never caused me any issues... if at all. :3 Still, I get what you mean. I've also never tried anti-depressants for my anxiety. I currently take an anti-psychotic for mine called Abilify. I used to get heavy depressive tendencies with mine that made my life hell, basically. I don't get that anymore since I started taking that. Though, I still deal with constant anxiety on a daily basis. x___x (I didn't want to post this in the thread and throw it off topic.)
    yup that's them! i don't watch a lot of anime these days, though i am currently rewatching dbz.
    Yeah. It was mega stressful for me, I was required to take three semesters of foreign language to graduate. Was especially frustrating since I was already bilingual, so the excuse that it's to make students more diverse and desired for jobs in the future is a load of nonsense. orz

    But yeah! French is a beautiful language, I just wasn't interested in learning it at the time (only had to for degree requirements), so that's another reason why it didn't stick too well. I hope you succeed ~
    it's an interesting language! I wish I retained French but alas, even though I took three semesters I didn't have the longterm immersion I needed. :< You'll have many more opportunities for jobs if you're multilingual too, it's a very worthwhile thing to pursue :thumbsup:
    Just my usual Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, and Miliyah, Beni. Oh, and UVERworld. Haven't really experimented with any other artists in a while. I should make some time for that.
    ahahahaha I bet
    but it's like...it's so hard (for me and many others) to learn and actually retain a language without immersion. so the only way I feel I'll actually remember it and not forget in some months is to be in the presence of people who speak it. but that simply hasn't been possible for me beyond Russian and English, lol
    Whoa... 3 years since we talked eh? I feel bad, but I barely remember you.... Honestly most of the happenings on this site pre-2018 feels like a fever dream lol

    What's up?
    Yep, both! I can understand Japanese to an extent and some French from college. If only I had time to learn 50 different languages. hehe <:
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