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  • just gotta say, i love your profile picture. King empoleon gonna clobeh dat kirbeh
    Oi, noice on being caught up. Not to mention I see you are a person of great taste: Idia just so happens to be my favorite as well. I worship that silly goose Not that I have a pinterest section dedicated to just him or anything pffft as well as my homie Jamil. I'd watch that man breakdance all day.
    How far along are you and got any favorite characters/dorms? I am ashamed to admit that even though I didn't go too far into the game, I went far enough that it sent me into a rabbit hole via images and stories and everything the fandom had to offer online. And here I am hahaha.
    I couldn't help but notice that your wallpapers were of… Twisted Wonderland. Are… are you still obsessed with it?

    Because you see. I, too, like that game. The characters are just, squeeeee.
    Tysm! I felt a bit unsure of it at first, but then I quickly got over that!

    I'm glad you like it ❤
    Hi there Rad Empoleon.

    This is to let you know you are the house choice for Club of the Month this March for your stylish new club. You get this commemorative ribbon designed by our wonderful resident artist Fairy should you wish to display it in your club. All clubs of the month also are eligible for Club of the Year, so stay tuned!

    Hope you're getting ready for a nice weekend. Cheers!

    hey thanks again for that avatar maker site thing. now i can finally showcase myself where i look somewhat decent :D
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