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  • A support group for adults who are still basically teenagers cause they don'tknow what they're doing. Good idea! Let's do it.
    Oh I see you haven't peaked mentally you mean. Haha yeah same here in that case. I stilllive at home, and I'm wimoy and have no job or money,and cant drive.
    I get that feeling. Being an adult is so stressful lol . (Are you actually a teenager though? Cause your profile says your 23, i don't think that's adolescence anymore lol)
    Good luck to us both, we need it. ; ;

    and sweet! That sounds pretty fun. I fantasize about making big bucks working from home lol
    I've applied to a few recently.. gotta ramp up to get out of here. But I also want to move out of state and try something there, eugh.

    lmao urk I don't like dealing with constant silly people. Though I'd rather do that than a swamp of phonecalls, I've started becoming aggravated and wanting to not pick up the phone already.. @_@
    I work as a receptionist in a mortgage broker company. I hate it, my boss is rude and it's honestly not my thing to be taking 4 incoming calls at once and have him scream my name for help on top of that. I hate it, eugh.

    hahah wow it was that bad? 8D;
    heeeeeeeyyy so i never use pc anymore so i took 4 months to respond lmao! yeah i remember you! what's up with your life??
    ahahah I kind of miss being unemployed. I swear I am miserable going to work every day, mostly because I hate taking phones from 10-6. Ahhhhhhh slay me.
    im a teacher aide currently. ill have my associates in early childhood the end of the semester.
    Pretty well myself and am happily enjoying my long weekend thanks to holidays Monday. <3 yaaa.
    Sorry for not replying to you till now. I'm majoring in Graphic Communication atm, but that might change. How are you?
    I have had cottage cheese. Sparingly, though. As much as I enjoy cheese, I don't like it piled on alone. I always enjoy my cheese mixed into a meal. :3
    Haha thanks!

    My favorite food is sushi. Anywhere I can get it, I become so happy. It follows closely behind pasta, especially those containing Alfredo or other cream-based sauces. xP

    With baked goods, I am a sucker for cakes. Soft, warm chocolate cake. <3
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