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S u m m e r y

Geek. Atheist. Otaku. Cinephile. Pop Culture Observer. Cynical. Eccentric. Foodie. Music is Elixir. Graphic Designer. Aspiring Film-Maker & Game Developer. <3 Alison Brie. 21.

Interests include watching anime (Japanese subtitled FTW!), designing web-graphics, websites, programming, irc-scripting, game-scripting, karaoke subtitling anime/videos/intros, lazying around 24/7 chattin' on IMs & IRC, more random lazying around on eBay, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, 4chan & Wiki. Gaming in spare time specially RPG's ( I'm a sucker for DnD ) , machinima with garry's mod/SFM. Reading comic books indie as well as mainstream. Watching Movies, I'm a hardcore cinephile, I watch one movie a day at least, then love deconstructing them on forums and oh I also love shooting short movies and learning the process of game development.
Land of Ooo
Male ♂
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