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  • Thank you. That means so much to me :) It is always wonderful to know that there is someone around to listen. I usually manage my feelings well these days, with how busy I keep myself.

    What I do with my time is exercise, play piano, play video games, spend time with my daughter, cook, and clean. ^_^ I also draw from time to time.

    What about you?
    Nah it's fine. Just don't spoil more. XD Here's the link for the Parks thread http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=333292 Discuss your heart out!!

    One of my other favorite sitcoms is Friends! I started watching it at random last summer and now I love it. Parks and Friends now tie for my favorite sitcoms. :D I used to love Scrubs a lot a few years back and The Office and Fresh Prince. I heard Community was good and honestly , it's one my list of shows I want to watch.
    Yeah it's a crazy gap. @_@; I'm in NYC/EST so it's 6:40PM right now ahah.

    And I like the clubs forums! Pokemon Clubs and Fan Clubs & Groups are super fun to go to if you want to chat with people. Though General Chat especially is also really enjoyable. Never posted much in the roeplay area since I'm really forgetful at keeping up with roleplays. :c
    I have had pretty much a lifelong battle with it myself, so the news of Robin Williams frightened me. But I realize that my case may not be nearly as serious as his was, but it doesn't change the fact that I was utterly miserable for the week following that instance. I am always afraid that I am young to die by my own hands, but luckily I have plenty of things to keep it off my mind. I keep as busy as possible to repress those thoughts.
    He's so wondeful.( And also just really cute imo...but that's just me ) I haven't seen anything past episode 3 of season 3 hahaha so Idk what you're talking about. XD But Burt Macklin is so awesome though. so it's fine. I hope there's more of him in season 7. XD

    Well that's okay. Welcome back to the forum, dude. :) I know there's a thread for Parks here , so you can find it if you want.But we can talk about the show or anything else you want! :D
    I love that line so much just cause he improvised it. XD He's the best at improvising, I love him so much.

    No you're fine. Go ahead and VM me whenever. I love random VMs. ^_^ I'm good, what about you your
    You'll get used to it! And I'm glad to help anytime. ^_^ I'm good too, just ate lunch and am feeling very bloated yeeeey.
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