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  • Good weekend to you! Yeah I can see what you mean; I do a lot of moving around even as an IT guy; sitting around for hours and hours isn't really for me, aha. I don't know why, I think it has that sort of... rush you feel when you move around while working. I think it also passes the time more quickly that way too. Daw cute! I actually met my current girlfriend at this site, but it's cute you met yours at the job! And yeah, communication is important. The tricky thing is that some of my co workers first language isn't English, so it's tricky to communicate and understand what they mean to say. But they're all pretty chill overall.

    Yeah, IT took a lot of reading, testing, and... more testing. I took a few exams for my current degrees and certifications before my current job. It's a lot of work, but once you do it, I find it's easier getting an IT position than most other jobs out there, because there is quite a demand for them, I think.

    Pixel art sounds really cool! I'm not quite an artist as some of my friends here like (like my friends I think you've met — Fairy and Sheep, are very good at it), but I always found the concept really cool! Mmm, tell me, what games do you like to play? Any series in particular? Well, Pokemon is the obvious choice, teehee... been playing since Red and Blue. But I also love Fire Emblem, The Tales series, Ace Attorney, Sakura Wars, Xenoblade, Xenosaga, Animal Crossing, Smash bros, Shin Megami tensei... etc etc!
    Yeah! Everyone here is super nice even if I'm not especially active here. But it's fun to hang here when PXR hits its dry seasons. I've been doing okay! Busy getting ready to graduate in May/August so that's a tad intimidating. I am still staff! I'm a senior moderator there and still write a majority of the articles there along with MC Elesa.
    I'm glad things are going well for you! I used to work part time in one factory, and yeah they're quite strict about the rules and regulations, but it's a good experience to have, making sure you'd follow exact guidelines and co-ordinate well in a team. I'm in IT myself as a computer hardware repairer now; it does me good too! I always liked working with machines and technology sooo it's perfect for me I think. <33 My co workers are good people too; I'm not very talkative normally, but it's comfortable interacting with them whenever I get the chance. Soooo lucky you get days off soon; holidays are around the corner too. c:

    My mom works as a nurse, and part time she works in a clinic. I'm just visiting her just to say hey and drop off some food for her. c:

    What do you like doing in your spare time, btw? I usually play video games, write, roleplay, watch anime and some movies sometimes!
    Hehe, sounds like a fun time; the gifts sounds very interesting! Work already ended for me for the day but I wish you well on yours <33

    Overall just a normal day for me! Rn I'm visiting my mom's clinic~~
    That's good! Everyone is indeed pretty chill; you'll fit right in. <33 And ah, how are you today? ^^
    I've been seeing you around lately, and you seem pretty cool and kind! It's nice to meet you ^^
    Saaaaame. I'm way too obsessive to get into something like WoW. It will actually be the end of what little social like I have left, lmao. I can't even play Animal Crossing without turning it into a 5000 hour competitive marathon. And the sad part is that I'm only exaggerating a little, rip. But hey, best of luck to your partner! I wish him many rare drops to come.

    I actually made an account! It seems super fun and more polished than other browser games. Thanks for the recommendation! :D It's always a treat finding hidden gems like this even if I won't get terribly involved in the community. But goodness if you didn't pick a good time to join PC if you're looking to avoid drama, lol. We went through a pretty rough owner change that really divided the community. I think we've mostly recovered, and the new owner (Sheep) is just a brilliant peach, but you can definitely still see the fissures here and there. I suppose no online community is without them, eh? Maybe Pokémon communities just have bad luck too. :p
    Awesome! And omg I feel that so much, my husband has already moved onto Assassin's Creed ahaha. But! I did manage to beg my way into a Mawile, so I finally have another Fairy in my collection. (´∀`)♡

    Aww, I'm glad you're having a good time so far! We definitely try our best when it comes to being welcoming. Not speaking for myself here but the staff team is really fantastic and I'm honored to be able to work with them. Here's hoping to many good years of fun and posting!

    Pokefarm? That's like GPXplus, right? I've not tried it! :o
    She was a diabetic and tried to take care of herself with all the meds she was on. I know she was trying to take care of herself but when you're on a shit ton of meds it just seems like a lot. It was and still will be hard but at the same time I feel like it was easier because of the fact that she worked in a funeral home for most of my life. So I went to the funeral home she worked at and it was a lot easier because they knew her and I knew everyone there. Work well worked with me and I think they worked with me more was because they knew who she was because of how much she came in.

    I know holidays are going to be hard and I may still need days off here and there but I don't want to use Mom as an excuse as to why I can't do this and that because I know she would give me hell for it. I also do blame myself because when I told my GM what was going on he told asked me if I wanted that Monday off and I told him no because Mom would give me hell for sitting around doing nothing while waiting for her to do surgery when I could be at work making money. But had I known this was going to happen I would have totally called off work and sat all day in the hospital. I have lost both of my parents on a Monday to heart attacks out of no where. So as of right now I hate Mondays...lol.

    I think because I grew up in the funeral business it's slightly easier for me because I know people are afraid to ask about the deceased person and at least for me I would rather someone ask about my parents in this case Mom then not. Yes I will cry and get emotional but asking about them and talking about them means people have not forgotten about them. And I told people at work to don't be afraid to talk about Mom around me because you might be afraid to upset me. I'm not going to be upset but I'm going to cry at the memories.
    Thank you very much. :D

    I would say yes and no...I mean I had been sick when me and half of work seem to be getting sick. And I think she got it from me and because we're stubborn and think or it will pass...it didn't and her getting sick turned into pneumonia and it got worse. She was on oxygen when she got out of the hospital the first time and was on it for about 2 weeks and then went back for her check-up and the doctor put her right back in the hospital for double pneumonia and her ankles were really swollen. My Uncle picked me up from work on his way down and we visited her and she seemed really good and I gave her a foot rub and her ankles looked really good. She was going to have surgery that Monday to fix her heart and replaced one of her stents. She told me to go to work and I did and I tried calling her during my lunch thinking she had her surgery and was recovering so I texted her saying I tried to call and I'll try calling her when I got home. Well about 2 hours later I kept getting this number calling me so I finally answered and it had been the hospital. They were trying to revive Mom for the past 10 mins and she wasn't responding. So I think the fluid that was in her legs made its way back up and that she had a heart attack because she never had the surgery in the morning like we thought.

    As for work...she was looking to work where I was at to make a little extra money but she went down hill soon after and I talked to my GM and told him it may be best if he didn't hire her. She was always having to take me to work because for the past few years I've been having issues with having "seizures" and not being able to drive for 6 months. Because I have a Pacemaker/ Defibrillator I can't get any scan with magnets so we're still trying to figure things out with me. But she would drive me and pick me up from work and come in and visit/harass everyone...lol.

    My turn to have a long post...lol.
    oh i just saw your post! i actually have shield and the same exact problem, lmao. my husband has sword and doesn't fuss with the more obsessive side of the game so coercing him into getting me bob's food tins or a few mons is like pulling teeth haha. but i will get my way! >:) feel free to add me, my FC is: 7755-1826-2784, in-game name: Fairy. n_n;
    aaaa, bless your heart <3 and not a problem! i like making new friends :D
    Trust me I know how that feels. If staff are assholes then no thank you I'm out. I've also been dealing with some hard thing as well with Mom passing away unexpectedly towards the end of October. Work was really good about everything and I think it was because of the fact that everyone knew who Mom was and always took good care of her when she would come in. I've had all the old people taking care of me and looking out for me.
    LOL This IS my social life...lol. Everyone is so easy to talk to and I don't feel intimidated.
    happy to help! sorry i didn't notice it sooner, i would have taken care of it. i just got back from a leave so i'm still playing catch up with PC stuff, aha ^^;;
    published! i have no idea why your thread was marked as spam but you're all good now! best of luck to you with your project!
    oh hey! no, it's not a problem at all! don't worry, you're good. let me look into it for you. :)
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