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  • Heyhey! I see where you're coming from :P Anyway, my discord is Siddhar#9162. My bad (replying late)
    Ah, finally, THE Sceptile! Life's been good lately, I could get into the Daily, improve my performance in studies and that's pretty much it. Oh, my Omega Ruby nuzlocke is pending, I can't forget that. I think it's one of those phases for you where nothing seems to be happening properly, it must be feeling empty, I can't describe it well enough. Hmm...
    Hi Sceptile, it's been a while, I guess. I'd a few tests this week, and one of them didn't go well. Anyway, what's cooking? Are you going somewhere or doing something for Christmas?
    How's it going, Sceptile? Sceptile's my favourite grass starter too, btw. What happened to Palkia?
    I'm fine. Thanks for the kind words though.

    I say, Errr, Garchomp.
    I was offline for a while, so it took a moment for me to realise it was you! What happened to Palkia?
    Speaking of the Dragon lines, I am torn too! Tyranitar is awesome(never really used Goodra and Kommo-o), so is Hydreigon. Which game did you get?
    Nothing much. But hey, I want to ask you help about Pokemon games. The thing is that I can draw cartoons well and my school friends acknowledge that. So I want try to be a Pokemon artist, but I don't have a tab to draw rather I draw on paper. So will this work and if it does then what else is exactly needed.
    Aha, the minecart line looks good enough, I guess. I have to accept that the Impidimp line is bizarre. The starters are okay, though.
    Oh, great! I would've killed Palkia too if I wouldn't have tried to catch it :P So, how's this Halloween going for you? Also, your avatar's really funny and awesome XD
    Oh, also, Sinnoh was my first region, Pearl being my first game and I fondly recollect my team being butchered by Palkia before I used the Ultra Ball that caught it.
    Hi, how's it going ? Also, you can copy the image address of the Palkia gif, enclose it in save it for the gif to appear. For example, by putting this: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/VigilantSlightElephant-size_restricted.gif between [img] (without spaces), you get the gif below:


    I learned it here XD I never got to learn coding, I have to catch up with the needs.
    Oh haha, yeah I have no idea about the GIFs. I think the picture looks nice though.

    Ah that's unfortunate. But on the bright side there's always other opportunities, and you also have more time for other things. I haven't really lost interest in the series, but I've questioned how long I'll continue to play the games. I'm still interested in Sword/Shield at least, so I'm looking forward to getting that.
    Nice, I'm also having some trouble with the flairs took me about a hour and 30 minutes to give up on making a GIF my signature all I really know how to do is color my profile a bit and add a dumb picture as my signature.

    I just recently got laid off by my second job at Ulsa, which is like a small clothing store inside of a mall, so I'm not feeling the greatest,anyways what made you get back/into Pokemon?
    Pretty good, just getting through my school semester at the moment. Also trying to get more familiar with this site since I never experienced having these kinds of flairs before. They're really cool!

    How bout you?
    Hi PalkiaActual, I see you're another new-ish member around here. (I just joined.) Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Palkia is great, my preferred legendary out of the Sinnoh trio.
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