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  • Just PM'd you the source. Good luck with your assignments! Learning to heal the sick is one of the best reasons not to spend all your time on fanfiction. :)
    Thanks! As for how I got it that way, hoo boy. A lot of div-tag tinkering, nickeling-and-diming to beat the character limit, and thanks to the line limit it's almost illegible when you're just trying to read it. I don't remember every trick I used off the top of my head, but you're welcome to the source if you want to pick it apart and use some of it yourself.
    I can't currently find it, but definitely going to have to check it out once I do. Super happy for you to get something like that going. ^^
    That is awesome, (about the book, not the year and a half. xD) Is there anywhere I can read it/will it be printed?
    Definitely sounds eventful for you. ^^ You wrote a book?? What's it about? I have been well, received my bachelors in History and English Secondary Education during this last semester so glad to be finished with that.
    Hey, random I know, but was just going through my friend list and realized it had been a long time. Hope you've been well.
    It's horrible! I just hope I have more time soon. I miss writing, I also have people who come back and read it, so I also feel bad for them if they are waiting for the next chapter.
    LOL the same, ya know; there are times life just doesn't want to cooperate with us....it sucks. I am just picking at my story now when I have time. It was crummy, because I thought I was going to have a lot of time; so I tried to start a YouTube Channel on the side with some gooffy stuff. But once I started that, I all of a sudden had no time for anything....work is stupid.....BUT GOOD....but stupid...
    School....sigh it always gets in the way. I remember going to school; college, I just gave up because it wasn't what I wanted to do anyway. I feel ya though, I have the same problems with work. But I am glad your internet is better.
    So we can ether think that; one, we are ether that good at righting, or two that they are copying us...hows your writing going? I finally got over my writers block and posted a chapter a couple days ago.
    OMG I just looked ahead at the Pokemon episodes of X&Y and they are going to make a dance party episode UGH! This is so hard because I was going to write one. I need to pick up the pace...
    Well what I do is think about the beginning of my story, then the end (because those are the parts I normally have figured out) then I think of how did they get to that point. It take a while sometimes and I don't like where it goes some times, but it works.
    School? Well that's a complex one. I tried to go into a law enforcement degree, but I just was too stupid for the classes so I quit after a while. Now I am saving up to go to this private college, I like to call it, called Cat Tales. it is a Zooschool, I want to be an animal rehabilitationest. But now I am thinking about going back to school just to brush up on my writing; I thought I found an editor for my stuff but she kinda quit on me...
    To be honest I don't remember much about the game, I was on the younger side when I played it. Sorry. I wish I could play it again though. I just don't have time for games or anything. I mean now a days (like I said) it is hard to do anything. But I am kinda finding out about myself that I have just lost motivation to do anything,ya know?
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