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  • Alright. I left Hacksrepairman a message asking for the changelog of that latest Azure Horizons update. No response yet but I hope he will reply with one. I'll get to work polishing up the walkthrough (again) this week.
    The Old White update I saw on Hacksrepairman's site, it's next on my list of walkthroughs that I need to polish up before starting on something fresh. As for Azure Horizons I only knew about the 22 February 2021 fix that he put out, had no idea about a 2022 update until you messaged me. Thanks for that. So the only additions to this recent update are the extra Rival battle, the Gym Leader rematches and catching Rayquaza? And is Rayquaza on this Route 826 or elsewhere?
    You've got to be kidding me xD, I just uploaded my latest walkthrough for Azure Horizons just a couple of days ago! Unbelievable. Do you have the link to the post for that update? And was this done by Hacksrepairman again?
    Okay, thanks for sharing that. I'll get to work on it after the other walkthroughs which I have to fix up because new updates came out for Pokemon Grape, Pokemon Unbound, Pokemon Crystal Clear and Pokemon Glazed (Trainer X493 version). I'm almost done with Grape. If there's any other information that comes up for Azure Horizons please feel free to let me know while there's still time.
    Hi there ShadowBolt, how's it going? I hadn't planned on playing that update because I didn't get a response from Hacksrepairman about the changes he made to it. So all along I decided to leave it alone. Since you've played it, what are some the changes?
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