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  • Hi. The last four teams are from rom hacks: Unbound, GS Chronicles, Prism, and Radical Red. The rest is from official games.
    tbf I haven't for years either! defo due a revisit soon lol, still think it's a great username as well tho! :)
    hi!! sorry for being slow, just managed to check my messages! Can just post them in the BDSP forum and set the (no category) part of the thread to 'Question' ^^
    Is it from a Gogoat? I haven't tried that before :o) I usually just have MooMoo Milk from her majesty.
    Hey, another Sandshrew fan! They're adorable, aren't they? The cuteness in your avatar can't be denied either.
    I don't have Skype and I'm not sure why are you going on hiatus, but that's totally sad. Anyway, all the best to you! :)
    To anyone viewing my profile who misses me: feel free to add me on Skype (shrewstur) or Trillian (supershrewshrew). :)
    You aren't active as well... Sigh. it's starting to feel lonely here.
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