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  • Hey sorry to bother you. I played Pokemon clover like 1 year ago and I wanted to start a new game hoping to see a new update and I noticed there wasn't any news during all this time. I wanted to know if you were still working on the project or if the final update was cancelled. I hope you'll answer. Anyway thank you for having created such a wonderful hack ;)
    Any recent news on the next clover update? Also, another question. If I played the game on KBH, can I still use the same save file for the update?
    Hey dude, I heard that the devs for Clover won't release the Pickup table, but is it okay if I experiment in-game and share my sample results with others? It could be like a community effort, figuring out the chances and levels for each item, trying to puzzle together the pickup table based on our samples. Is it okay if I share information like that in the thread?
    Hey, Squeetz, I have a question. It involves the Clover thread on the /vp/ board. There has been no Clover thread on the board for a few days now, and people think that, because their major update is slated for sometime in 2018 and not a month ago, the game has fizzled out, despite the efforts of you and the rest of the development team, who have a lot to do and barely more than a skeleton crew to do it. The question is this: Is the board's Clover thread always started by a member of the development team, or can any run-of-the-mill anon start the thread?
    thank you for proving that 0x3E8 is in fact the initial hidden item flag and now i can direct people who incessantly ask to your post <3
    nope, I didn't know the dex had that kind of capabilities, so it was not coded in.
    Visible in the Pokedex? I mean, the seen flag is set if you meet them
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