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  • Hey Star it's Leaf or also was Morika I wanted to say hi and hope life has been great for you while I was away. I missed everyone very much I explained why I left in my return thread in the greetings area. If you don't want to talk no more I completely understand and respect that and you. Please take care~ I remember your kindness towards me and really appreciated that from you.
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    Omg hi!!! I seen you posting on the forum and meant to message you but I didn't realise you'd messaged me! I'm sorry.

    Of course I still want to talk to you! How are you?
    Just read your weather post... I'm really glad to hear you're alright Starlight. Sorry about the damage to your property though...
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    Thank you!!!

    Sorry for the mega late reply but I honestly can't figure out VMs on here any more, I don't know what I've replied to and what I haven't 🤣🤣🤣
    Well, you seem to have replied to me this time lol. :p And no problem! I honestly didn't even expect a reply, I just wanted you to know that I was glad you were okay. ^^
    Welcome back!

    I'm going to my first AEW show for my birthday. It should be fun.

    Got seats on the ground floor.
    All good. I admit, I haven't really been here for the last two months either. Maybe a post here and there, but I think I burnt myself out from the forum. Coming back around again though.

    No problem at all. I hope you are doing better.

    (on a random note: it's so warm in our house. spring has finally hit here).
    It's a wonderful surprise to see you today Taylor. You definitely put a grin on my face from ear to ear, just being here. So I'm good now. How about you? How are you feeling? I'm hoping that spring is bringing you wonderful new beginnings my great friend. Xoxoxo <3
    Hey sorry for lack of response. I hope you had a wonderful New Year.

    That's the main idea. He wants to sell. Wish he would just leave things alone. It was going so well...

    I know you hadn't watched. Triple H was creating a foundation for change. Characters were being developed, deeper stories being formed. WWE fans excepted 'overnight renaissance'. That was never happening. However change was being slowly formed. I think the best of WWE in decades may have been on the horizon.

    It's such a shame.
    And so you do. Also, thank you for the friend request.
    Have you had good Christmas holidays?
    Hi amiiiiiiiga!

    Hope you feel better soon, can't wait to see you become regular on the Forums ASAP! <333
    No problem at all. Hope you feel better.

    It definitely improved since that message. Eventually it drains and my ear starts to pop like bubble wrap. After that, my hearing returns. Seems I only get the fluid build up during Summer, so it is likely caused from allergies like they suggested.

    I hope you had a nice Halloween. Are you looking forward to Christmas season?

    Odd. I checked and the link is working. Maybe it's just a location issue? It was uploaded by the official USA Network so I can't imagine it would be struck with copyright.

    Here is another link though.

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