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  • Hi amiiiiiiiga!

    Hope you feel better soon, can't wait to see you become regular on the Forums ASAP! <333
    No problem at all. Hope you feel better.

    It definitely improved since that message. Eventually it drains and my ear starts to pop like bubble wrap. After that, my hearing returns. Seems I only get the fluid build up during Summer, so it is likely caused from allergies like they suggested.

    I hope you had a nice Halloween. Are you looking forward to Christmas season?

    Odd. I checked and the link is working. Maybe it's just a location issue? It was uploaded by the official USA Network so I can't imagine it would be struck with copyright.

    Here is another link though.

    I always went with what base stage looked cutest to me, but Incineroar made me regret that, so for gen 8 I looked at what the final evos looked like and went with Grookey =P

    From the newer reveals the new astronaut-Girafarig-evo made me burst out in laughter when I saw it xD
    It might end up going on my team, but it's too soon to say for sure =3

    Also it's fine =)
    I've been too busy to check up on a lot of stuff too last... month at the very least =\
    Ok then, thanks again for your help! I just figured it wasn't getting a lot of traction even though i wasn't breaking any rules in particular (i think...?)
    Hey, you're a mod of Entertainment and Media, are you not? Do you think you can delete my thread about bad movie quotes? I think that was a poor decision on my part. Thanks in advance!
    I don't think I ever told this story, but my aunt once served Scott Hall at a restaurant while he was here in our (and his) hometown.

    Can't remember full details, but somehow his food was still completely frozen when it was given. Yet he remained very friendly through the whole situation and even tipped generously.
    I will make them into an imgur album at some point. I'm just not a big fan of it as a platform. Sorry but I'm not quite sure what an HQ recording means, if you wouldn't mind explaining.

    Considered joining the queue-up. But I can't hear out of my left ear at the moment. I get occasional fluid build up, was given medicine to drain but it still takes time. Ah well. It does cause feelings of stress and limits my activities. Seems to be much more aggressively blocked this time.

    More live shows sound fun, but nothing planned at the moment. I think AEW or Smack-Down would be neat and both new experiences.
    You're a darling, thank you for thinking about me. Fewer real world problems for me personally this month fortunately. How about you Taylor, how are things? That would be stellar, any love for The Clubhouse is always especially appreciated! Thank you for your kind words and the presence you have always been, looking forward to you coming over to visit us again! Let me know if if you want some more love in any of your sections, forum games, entertainment and media, vpp, you name it! <3 <3
    Yeah every gen has great mons as well as total duds for me too.
    And sometimes mons I'm initially indifferent on end up among my favorites later, like with Indeedee. First time I saw it I just went 'oh generic looking humanoid mon... meh'. Then in postgame I have them follow me around in the IoA.... I saw their butler/maid animations and was sold on them =P I mean, it immediately gave them way more character for me.

    The newly revealed Transportation related Pokemon, Cyclizar, actually looks better than both the box art legendaries to me =P

    Do you currently have your eyes set on any starter in particular?
    Currently I think I'll be going with Sprigatito... but it might change once I see what it evolves into =3
    I saw this, but forgot to reply D=

    I'm fine, just kinda swamped with things to do atm >.>
    I've always picked my game based on the cover art legendary in the past... which I'm going to have to deviate from, as I care little for either tbh, though Miraidon does look a bit better to me than the other one. They just look like transportation to me, making it hard to see them as anything else =P
    I'll probably wait to see what the version exclusives are and go from there.

    I am still looking forward to it though. There has yet to be a Pokemon game that doesn't have any new favorite Pokemon for me, so I'm looking forward to finding them =D

    Oh, and best wishes ofc! Make sure you put on some nice pointy/spiky football shoes while kicking back 😉 😁
    I sent you a photo gallery to your private message box earlier. I described some more about the episode we attended there too. Not going to link photos here on VM since it's pulled from my social media page. It really was fun. Those photos do have an expiration date, but if they are gone don't worry about it at all. I'll just resend.

    Wrestlemania 40 is announced for Philadelphia. Yeah it's still up in the air...hopefully we can go but honestly i'm just glad we attended Raw. We got on TV during the seth rollins segment too.
    I will be attending the next Monday Night Raw!

    I'm so incredibly excited. It's a childhood dream for me.
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