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  • Sure, we'd love to have you as a judge. You won't have to do much until the end of the month, but I'll let you know what the plan is before we begin
    Ohai there! I'm thinking I probably should make a thread in Progressing Games... would be nice if I could end up with a proper product and a workflow for future games.
    Videos are a series of screenshots displayed one after another in quick succession. As long as the video shows in-game content, it's fine.
    Again, it's subjective. I don't have a list of criteria to meet. I just look at a thread and get a feeling one way or the other. Obviously it's better to have polish and dedication and progress and all that. You make what you think is a thread worthy of being in the Showcase, and then ask. If you want to ask, that is.
    It's hard to say. A good-looking and informative first post is essential, but beyond that it's kinda subjective. It depends on whether I think the game is worth showing off as a Game Dev "product", which I'm sure sounds entirely unreasonable as it's just my personal opinion, but I make the rules so there ;)

    Oh, obviously the game actually needs to be in development, with clear signs that the developer is serious about continuing and completing it - strictly no ideas threads.
    Isn't that what the Panorama does though? Background image that scrolls through the map at different speeds to actual map scrolling...
    It's no bother at all. I'm still not familiar with what parallax really is, but I'm guessing if it's map related, you'd need to do your desired changes to the TilemapXP system.
    Don't know why you're under the impression that I dabble mostly in the graphical side of coding things. When it comes to coding, I do everything. That said, I have no idea what parallax is.
    No problem, I probably wouldn't have noticed anyway since I get busy too ahah. hope it was good!
    Yes, it's proof that you're actually making your game. Although if you have a demo (even if just a tech demo), it's a little odd that you wouldn't have a thread for it already.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    I can't offer any advice about getting more people involved in a project. I haven't managed it for Essentials (the people who are involved came along by themselves). As far as popularity of the engine in Game Dev goes, another engine can get its own forum section if it's popular enough and is significantly based here, i.e. there's enough posting about it going on that it warrants its own section. Other engines at the moment simply aren't popular enough, usually due to being incomplete and/or abandoned.

    Do you think Unity's a good program to use? It's a 3D engine, with its 2D features tacked-on. It may be overpowered for the needs of a (presumably 2D) Pokémon engine.
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