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Teh Blazer
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  • Psh! I ain't gotta butter up crap!

    Anyway, I was thinking on expanding the summer story even further, to make sure I take full usage of the ROM.

    I won't be needing your scripting abilities for a while, as I want to get another beta mapped all the way out, with events and all written out. That's when I'd send it to you with a giant set of instructions for you to be awesome with.

    But, there IS still your character of Odd Old Man Stud, what's he gonna do next? I know where he's gonna do it, just don't know what.
    So, bae. Happy birthday(apparently) and I want to get back to work on The Leola Project.

    Do I still have my partner? :P
    You don't need any of that.

    All you need is a story worth telling. Which is simple enough. But, you, apparently, suck at it.
    perfect, but the problem is always the same: as soon as I put the rom changed with the beta 2 of fiery red in the visual boy, let me white screen
    perfect: I applied the patch to the ROM in English red fire, but the emulator gives me a blank screen: /
    and hello excuse me the trouble: I saw just now your own thread on a fire red hack where you impersonated gary oak. I just wanted to know if I had finished, and if so where could access the download. thanks in advance
    I have gone a bit faster than that xD
    No no summer classes for me and it's winter here, the college classes I take work in trimesters so every three months I have classes.
    I was using there wifi yes! I am still waiting for my fibre to get installed at home.
    I wasn't involved in demakes, but I do remember something happening like that. I was able to hack the soundtrack, or music in FireRed. I can't anymore though.
    Good! I've had exams recently though, so I'm tired from that. Speaking of the devil, I have a Physics one tomorrow ;-; Other then that I guess I've been normal, I usually watch YouTube videos lol.

    What about you? :0
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