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  • hey Trebuh, I hope you're doing fine! It's been a while. How's life?

    I was wondering if you could show me some of your maps if you still have them? I returned to hacking recently (here's the hack I'm working on) and would like to see stuff you've made because it always inspired me. You're one of the best mappers I've ever seen!
    Yo! Of course I do haha! Haha nakakagulat no? Ginawa nila akong mod? Haha! Ikaw, kamusta?
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Hehe, thanks!
    Oh, the curse of the educational systems. I finished my first year of college just about a month ago and I still have 2 more months for myself :)
    I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, hope you feel better quickly!
    I'm making a hack, called Twisted Mind. It's gonna win HotM, so that's a plus :) Otherwise, I got holidays, so I mostly sleep :P
    You do roam around every 3 months, huh ?
    Nuzlocke challenges are the best! I played them a lot with a schoolmate of mine last year. I kinda started to hack a bit, cause I found my CD with all of the hacking software and sprites and stuff, so yeah, I'll give it a shot once more. I have some free time, cause my college is kinda easy, and there is no real studying involved.

    I'm not going to try to revive Colossal once more. I started to resize and backsprite the fakemon from neoriceisgood and I'm gonna do a completely different hack. :)
    Oh man, it's so nice to talk to someone familiar on this goddamn forum. :D
    Why hello there! :D Oh god, yes, it's been a while. Thought I needed a hobby and started hacking again, sort of. And you, my good man ?
    Sorry sa late reply.

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Alam mo, parang medyo similar yung nangyari sa lola ko, so I can somehow feel yung nararamdaman mo. I really hope for the best.

    As for my vacation, okay lang naman. Medyo hindi productive, haha. Ikaw ba?
    Oo, I guess. Mahirap ang good moral. Ahaha. jkjk. <3
    Hindi? :3 weh. Ahaha. Yeah, everybody still does play that game. I see it in every computer shop in this city. XD Ahaha.

    Bad luck Brian:
    > Take every entrance exam available
    > Fail all the entrance exams

    Haaaaayst! College life includes those drinks huh. Me ged. XD You drink so many energy drinks kuya. @.@ Ganun ba kahirap mag Archi? Ahaha XD
    Marami daw. Di pa ako nakakasubmit ng mga echos.. Wheee. I'm so out of luck. XD
    Serious ba tlga? XD Meron ako mga alam na college na, nag dodota pa. >:)

    </3 Yeah.
    UST? o: Hmm, I might try it. :3 My friend's hoping to pass in DLSU for the Architect course just because in fourth year, they're gonna travel around the world. xD
    Talent. xD Haaaayst! B-but.. it's just shapes. d: Well, yes, there will be many people better than us. The bitter truth. >:3
    Sige naaaaaa kuya:D Ahahaha. Charcoal portrait na echos~

    B-but.. it's so bittterD: I don't think I can drink any coffee XD
    I'll never know for sure. x)

    That's one thing, pero it's understandable naman, kasi seaman si daddy.
    May nagpaiyak kasi kay mommy e. >:(
    SG? What yun? Tsaka bakit hindi na umabot?
    Fast-paced talaga, huh. Di ko keri yung ganyan. xD

    I wish that were the case. :(( Not fun yung Christmas ko this year. </3
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