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Hi! I've been here for quite a few years already! Rom hacking brought me here and was the sole reason i stayed. Unfortunately, school took most of my time and i was about to enter college; I then decided to quit not only my love for rom hacking but also for my whole stay in PC.

A couple of week ago, while searching for new animes, I came across Pokemon Origin.I was told it was some sort of a remake or an adaptation based from the original manga? I didnt care, I was like " Does that mean I get to watch a real strong dude rather than some wimpy fella?"Although the series were short, it gave me chills pretty much the same as i felt when i was still rom hacking, wish they could've made it a bit longer though. It sure feels awesome reminiscing! Those awesome memories you tweak with the rom, work overnight while talking to friends and co-hackers on IM; failure and sucess; and many more!

I decided to play some pokemanz with my ds which was given to me, a few weeks back by an old friend of mine. I've only played all installments up to the third generation. Maybe its time for me to catch up and play the new ones. Err, I mean the recent onces. Personally, I think the new pokemons were meeh.- Most of their designs and names are somewhat of poor concept ( I mean, patrat? Whaatdaf@ck?! C'mon! ) Seriously though, I think Pokemon from 1st to 3rd gen are the best, 4th gen was forgivable, 5th gen sucks like h3ll, and the 6th gen, havent really seen much- I think its ok, I find zygarde? Cool :D

So i guess I'm back! I wont be hacking again most likely but ill check the forum from time to time.
I was gone only for quite some time, Unfortuntely my old friends were too! :( That's really sad, seriously.

Looking at the brighter side, my old buddies may be gone by now but that should let me expose to new a environment! New friends !Hoping to meet new ones! again! Can't wait!

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