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Hi, if you're reading this than you obviously have nothing better to do.

I paired up with Pokemon Trainer Touko on the 27th of February 2011 and Gyardosamped on 17th of April 2013.

Nothing is impossible!

I'll probably add stuff later.

Most of my interests:
• Vaporeon
• Ed, Edd n Eddy
• Pokemon
• Seeing Ash Ketchum get hurt
• Naruto
• Bleach
• Arguing
• Drinking Tea
• Pokemon Online
• Saying 'hmm'
• irc
• Stalking
• Bragging
• Doing Challenges
• Sitting Down
• Saying 'totally'
• Disturbing Nica
• Talking to Pokemon Trainer Touko
• Procrastinating
• Katy Perry
• One Piece
• Pokem0nfacts
• All Bran and Porridge
• Unova
• Elesa
• #swablunest
February 25
Preparing for trouble and making it double.
Male ♂
Also Known As
Vapor, Aaron, Vappy
Favorite Pokémon
Vaporeon, Beedrill, Tangela, Gorebyss, Gardevoir, Cherrim, Slugma, Corsola, Seedot, Cloyster, Octillery, Surskit, Skiploom, Sunflora, Aipom, Porygon2, Breloom, Petilil, Lilligant, Cinccino, Minccino, Swanna, Volcarona, Metagross, Torkoal and more.
GO Team
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