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  • A couple people have pointed out how poor the tilesets look from feedback. I honestly knew people were gonna focus on that, but thing is, the way I converted essentials to MV looks awkward since XP and MV's tile mapping is different. Do you know anyone that knows MV help me optimize Pokemon Essentials' tiles for MV?
    Shoot, a lot of stuff I'd have to make up. Though I might have to since one of the member of Pokepals who's been uncrystalized has their memory lost.

    Deoxys' reason to take down Pokepals (And Deoxys did. Their villiage has been destroyed and everyone who is a part of Pokepals are either "forever fainted" or trapped in a crystal and inside that crystal is an illusion/Dream world (thank you for that idea).) is because they were interfering with his work in progress plan to create a world, like Mewtwo in a way that he likes... A world where its nothing but Pokes worshiping him and each and every one of them are inferior to him. Later, this does become a team of powerful villianous legendary Pokemon.

    Electricity and psychic powers creates data. The more electric and psychic Pokemon, the stronger a data form will be.
    He's not dumb in an overexaggerating way. Scizor is the one that's overexaggeratingly dumb (But also a jokester). The way Mewtwo is dumb is that he, like the Deoxys from the Meteor cave has the guts to tell the team face to face that they're gonna destroy them that way he looks intimidating.

    Yes, Scizor likes to crack jokes and stuff like that but he is very clumsy and often forgets what he is doing. He also, like Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V gets fooled easily when it comes to trying to obtain certain swords (Yes, swords). This isn't written in the story but the main character might give Scizor a chicken sword and say that it's the ultimate sword, making Scizor believe it, main character gives it to him and scizor attacks them with it only for it to deal no damage to the team then screaming the famous line of Gilgamesh "I'VE BEEN HAD! THIS IS BY FAR THE STRONGEST OF SWORDS!"
    They specifically wanted to use the main character's electric powers to make data (Fake) versions of various Pokemon so that way he can form a world the way he wants it, a world where everyone obeys him. He also wants to kill one of them because she/he was a leader of Team Pokepals, the team of Pokemon that were presumably defeated (Confirmed true, they were trapped in an illusion by Deoxys.) after trying to defeat Deoxys in the Meteor Cave.

    Scizor was convinced with Mewtwo's plans to conquer the world by forming it with Pokemon that will follow their orders but really all Mewtwo wanted was a second pair of brains and has no care for Scizor's life. Scizor is nothing but a slave to Mewtwo basically.
    Eh, no. You can attack your enemies and choose to attack all enemies/allies with certain attacks or not.
    Pretty much. And they will remain mysterious for the time being. Though it's obviously a Mewtwo.... A really dumb one that is. His partner Scizor is metaphorically a clown.
    Checked that out, it did. Though mine is... Hard to explain. It has the traditional Final Fantasy stuff you'd see but no ATB for technical reasons. I guess it could be more FF3 based.

    That's actually what my game is like now. The main character is trying to save her friends while helping another Pokemon find their own and while the main character is looking for all of them, the one with their own missing friends is in a deep depression and worryment over her/his friends. All party members have plusles and Minuns as well. For one, one is good on defense but slow as well as having some weak points personality wise. Even the main character with all her bravery she believes she has, wusses over having her paws hit on a wall right after defeating a Groudon.
    Yeah, the main characters could use a remake.
    I'd just like a more " battle fit" remake of the main characters and that'll be it. Maybe more larger and cleaner than the OV sprites?
    What do you think about Final Fantasy (Ideas) and Pokemon (characters) crossing over together?
    I don't really think it's gonna have at least one person noticing it, but eh... It's a dream game so I don't really care anymore.
    At the present time, I'm suffering from a stomach-related ailment that results in excess rectal discharge to the point where the ejected material is pure liquid. >_>
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