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  • Glad to hear.

    Fair. Constantly takes you out of the game, figuratively or literally (in the case of crashes). Did not fix it yet, if you were wondering. Might improve the frame rate in the DLC area (from having less loaded in). Expects some of the same problems or new ones to pop up, though, like the save data corrupting for a few people with one update. Wishes they would actually polish up the game more, post-release.

    Wonders why some people experience crashes more than others, also. Logged over 300 hours. Sits at 0 crashes still. Weird.
    Sorry for the slow replies, been tired from the traveling! We're in Idaho right now, in the middle of nowhere in a place called Stanley, it's very scenic but quite hot haha ;o; Hope your boat trip will be okay! I'd be interested but worried about getting seasick with no way out @_@;

    Ahh I wish I were that way. The moment it gets close to being my turn on coasters my heart rate skyrockets, and when I'm sitting there I want nothing more than to leave. aaaaaaaAAAAAhhh

    Stardew I heard was great! :D Playing it slowly now too since I got my gaming handheld ~ I don't play AC as much anymore but I really want to pick it back up again. Have to finish the DLC content ;w;
    No worries! I've been sick the last week, got my second COVID booster since we're flying to the US soon just to be on the safe side and it made me pretty sick. More recovered now but still can't sleep well because I keep coughing. Sucks not being able to get enough rest right before flights coming up x_X I don't sleep well on planes so that will definitely be tiring too...

    No way!! tbh I'm not surprised but it's insane they price this stuff up so much. And of course people have no choice but to buy it since there's little choice they have. I don't do well with large crowds and noises so an amusement park wouldn't be for me anyway.. I'm also terrified of roller coasters lol the 'easy' one I went on in Japan was still absolutely horrifying.

    Playing Harvestella now :D And also Cozy Grove, but that's mostly casual. Trying to resist buying more games.......
    It's kind of a trip that you were the last person to VM me on that old account, like a year or so after I left. I'm not sure I even ever saw that until just recently. While I was gone, sometimes there would be something that reminded me of the people I met on here, and I too wondered how they were doing.

    Thank you for remembering me, and I'll talk to you again some other time. 8)
    Yeah, that was me. That really feels like so long ago, it seems like one of the few things that hasn't changed with me is my sense of humor, hah.
    Yay! Glad to hear!! Sorry again for being slow, I am so distracted lately.. ;__; Watching DBZ Super, playing like 3 different games, preparing to travel to the US for a few weeks soon etc. ahhhh

    Oh I've never been to Six Flags but yeah, I imagine a lot of the charm is being with someone. I think I'd like something like that a lot more if I was with a good person. 60% rides being closed though?! That's sooo much, especially for summer when you'd expect ridership would be high

    I may play the sequel but not sure yet. Already saw my husband play a chunk of it so I know the ending, and because of that it'll be harder to enjoy. But I love some of the characters so I'll think on it. Sorry about 3 for you though D: Hopefully you like it more at some point!

    (yeah Xanax isn't the best longterm I've read, due to issues it can cause in people who take it too long, so I've heard. It's easier to give to older people since they won't potentially be taking it for 40+ years. Seems like your doctor made a good choice ^^)
    You'll be okay! You'll see em again <3 Seems like you had a good time and I'm happy for you. I hope you're not too sad anymore, it's great to have the visit ^^

    And yes Xenoblade was good! tbh I didn't expect the ending at all lol but that wasn't a bad thing. I liked android Fiora, she had an awesome design. Alvis was cool too and I'd like to know more about him. Will see what the DLC is about since I have it too.

    Lexapro's great. I wish I had the courage to start earlier. Not perfect though, I still get nighttime anxiety sometimes and that usually comes with stomach pain and some chest discomfort. All the anxiety manifestations suck. No numbness or soreness that I remember but the things I do have are already just so wonderful (not really) ahaha
    I'm glad to be away tbh. Fireworks annoy me a lot since I'm sensitive to noise, plus pets don't like them which makes me stressed for them :( Hope yours was ok too though!!

    I'm okay.. kind of busy and distracted lately as I'm sure you can tell but okay. And omg I know the feel about staying up late, though nowadays I feel like I can go to 12:30AM without issues. Before I used to sleep around 10.30-11pm too. But right now I'm trying to finish Xenoblade and also reading before bed.. so I always look forward to that <3

    GERD sucks. Can't even imagine having it. My stomach is sensitive but don't think it's to the point of having that or anything. I feel like my mental health really impacts how my stomach behaves, if I'm anxious and worried then I get wayyy more stomach pains. Do you have that too? Seems like the gut and brain are linked pretty strongly and I see soo many people with IBS complain about that lol

    Daisy is the sweetest name for a dog ever ;_; <3
    Shucks, take care and rest well, Zeo! I relate to that, the last time I had my COVID booster it took a toll on me, I was resting for a couple of days.

    Woahh your brother's cool... I need to improve my pharmacology....

    My internship is done, and it went well. My mentor liked the presentation as well. They said I'd overworked myself which wasn't necessary
    Oh nooo! ;_; Has it gotten better?!

    Omg. Honestly I think I would be very affected by this, even if it's a new pet. Losing an animal in my care makes me feel incredibly guilty and I still feel awful about my old kitty who passed in September 2020... x_x
    Grats on new fishy and glad your day was good!! Little one will be beeg before you know it. Do you know what kind of fish? :O

    Glad your BP was good too. Mine is usually a little high when unmedicated and nervous at the doctor but at home it's most likely normal. The BP machine is the literal worst and I have no idea why I've always been so nervous when having my readings done lol.
    Let's gooo wishing you a superb and brilliant birthday Zeo!!!
    How has your day been?

    Have a blast my man

    Take good care of your health. Exercise is the best medicine, and this is coming from a pharmacist!

    Driving is pretty fun and relaxing indeed on a bunch of roads.

    My internship is about to end, I'm excited to see how my mentor likes my report
    Okay a little anxious too
    Hi there! How've you been? How's your health been? I got caught up in my internship. I've also worked on my driving, although it's been quite a luggage on my nerves...especially in certain parts of my city where the drivers are so wack, it feels like anyone drunk would drive more responsibly! Just one week of internship left to go.
    Honestly I'm not sure yet.. but I do like mystery and fantasy fiction, those are fun. Just finished reading my FFXIV short story book so now I'll need something else for the evenings!

    I'm sorry. D: I hope if you do decide to look for a new fish that they fill you with joy as well. Adopting animals is usually a good thing, so they can lead happier/more fulfilling lives in your home instead of a pet store/shelter.

    Ooh your appointment is today (my time). Hope it goes well. You'll be okay! I'm going to the dentist on Saturday since my dental crown has been sensitive for months so he'll try to do an adjustment. We'll both be fine. :D
    I want to go to the library too! Recently started reading again, usually for 30-40 minutes before bed. Once I finish the books I have I'll need more so will probably go over. Glad you had a good time, that sounds so relaxing honestly.

    But I'm so so sorry about your fish. I always get hurt when my pets die no matter how small. Hopefully your new water friend will be just as sweet.

    omg Subway Surfers. I played it so much a few years ago. Nowadays I don't have the attention span but it's always a lot of fun still.

    How did the appointment making go? D:
    How's it been going? <3 Hope you're enjoying!

    the AA trilogy is good!! I liked that one. They just announced a new trilogy with Apollo's Justice and a few others I think, too bad I already have AJ on the 3DS.. but not the rest. Maybe I should finish that there and then buy the trilogy on the Switch to continue.

    And lol, not really. I've flown so often but it just never gets better. The takeoff and turbulence always makes me sweaty and nervous. It's such an awful feeling when you can't control your emotions.

    What phone games are you playing right now? I'm really into a few so I'm curious ~
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