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.:: General Information ::.
Hack Name: Pokemon Legends
Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red
Current Version: v2.5
Download Size: 57KB
Patch Size: 201KB

Next Version: TBA
Next Release: TBA

.:: Features ::.
-Interesting story, I promise.
-New Region
-Travel to Johto
-Meet new and old friends

.:: Known Bugs ::.
*Red text bugs will not/can't be fixed anytime soon.
*Blue text bugs aren't really bugs but are things you may want to be aware of.
*Crossed out bugs have been fixed, but didn't make it to the Beta.

1. You walk over Oaks head when he leads you to his lab.
2. Map tiles loop in the Briar Woods to Briarsedge intersection.
3. Trees are out of place when you are at the top of the route.
4. When you look at the Town Map or Fly, the map is still Kanto.
5. There is a kid and a rock in the water, when you surf in Cianwood.
6. The left Rocket blocking the north exit to Route 4, at Cyan City, makes a Pokemon cry.
7. Lady outside Cianwood Gym has no dialogue.
8. Agatha, of Cianwood gym, has no dialogue.
9. Camper(walks around), has a gap in his name.
10. Some scientists in the W/I, think you already saved them, even though you didn't beat Giovanni.
11. You can go the whole Beta without getting a Pokedex or National Dex.
12. When you are under some tiles, your character's head gets cut off.

v2.5 Fixed Bugs:

-When you enter the cave, you can't return.
-There's a lv.64/99 Sunflora in Johto Valley, thats impossible to pass
-Briarsedge Gym is all glitchy
-Mart Guy says Pallet Town instead of Sunset Peninsula
-Mart Employee at Route 1 says Viridian instead of Briarsedge
-Screen goes red when you talk to the little kids

.:: Demo ::.
View Older Releases

.:: Screenshots ::.
Notice: Mostly Old

.:: Banners ::.
If you support Pokemon Legends put a banner in your signature.

HTML Code:

HTML Code:

.:: F.A.Q ::.

Look here before you ask questions. Questions are assuming you are playing the latest version

Q: When I exit Mt.Sedge via the Old Ladys' house, I end up back at Briar Woods. Is this a bug?
A: No, this isn't a bug. You are suppose to teleport to the Mt.Sedge Entrance.

Q: When does the Beta end?
A: After you beat Giovanni at the Weather Institute.

Q: Will Sinnoh Pokemon be available in Pokemon Legends?
A: No, they wont.

Q: When you step right infront of the doors of Briarsedge Gym, an invisible guard talks to you. Is this a bug?
A: No, this isn't a bug. It is ment to be an intercom talking to you.

Q: I want to join your team. Can I be a spriter? Can I be a beta tester? etc...
A: Please don't post it in the thread, PM me. Thanks.

.:: In-Game Information ::. *will be taken down soon because all this information will be on the website.

Important Locations
Brass Tower - North West Ecruteak City
Briar Woods - West of Briarsedge Town
Ecruteak Rest House - Central Ecruteak City
Lighthouse - South East Olivine City
Mt.Sedge - North Briar Woods
Name Rater - South West Olivine City
Olivine Port - South Olvine City
Spear Pillar - Go through Brass Tower, at the end of "Unknown".
Underwater Caves - North Cianwood/West Route 40
Weather Institute - South East Cyan City

Important Items
Item Name - Location - Description
Oak's Parcel - Briarsedge PokeMart - Deliver to Oak to recieve the Pokedex
Town Map - Sunset Peninsula - Talk to Rival's sister
Tea - Mt.Sedge - Give to Intercom Guard to go into the Briarsedge Gym
Running Shoes - Briarsedge Town - After you beat Brock, Oak's assistant will be right above the gym.
Scientist Badge - Spear Pillar- Talk to Brendan and he will give you a Scientist Badge. Don't ask how he got it...

HM Locations
HM01-Cut - Weather Institute - Rub,:\, mans back on the 2nd floor
HM02-Fly - Cianwood City - Talk to the woman under the gym
HM03-Surf - Ecruteak Rest House - Talk to owner
HM04-Strength - Olivine City - Recieve from oldman after you bring back his teeth
HM05-Flash - Unknown - Unknown
HM06-Rock Smash - Unknown - Unknown
HM07-Waterfall - Unknown - Unknown

.:: Team/Credit's ::.
Scompi - Mapping, Text Editing, Battle Editing, Scripting, BETA Testing
Dirk123 - BETA Tester

PM me for a job.

.:: Conclusion ::.
Well, I hope you liked what you saw and I hope you will continue to support Pokemon Legends. And remember to put a banner in your sig if you support Pokemon Legends!

Thanks, Scompi. ;)