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    Originally Posted by Doopliss
    I mean, goodness. Three people have already told you including me.

    Oh look the Zangoose got even chubbier! That's what happens when you see 74 of them.
    actually, you never did.

    people told me WHAT it was, but they never told me HOW to do it...

    now if i missed a post (i've read every post {i think} since i've joined) than i'm sorry, but i personally looked back through every one of your posts and never once did you say how to soft reset. to make sure i went to your public profile and read EVERY post you've made, and still nothing.

    so either i'm blind, or you didn't. but, knowing me, it could be either one, so...

    and good luck with your hunt, SL, Prodigy and Shido and Brit.
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