Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Legends (working title)
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Old January 20th, 2007 (4:52 AM).
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    Well scompi, I finally dedicated some time to play your hack, and I say, it's pretty well done (I struggled many times, but I guess because I'm not as good player as I thought... XD). I like the good organization of the mapping, and the effort you did to put a script here and there, and use the existing scripts to your advantage.

    Now, onto a few mistakes, besides the one Goku mentioned, I found a floating rock in Cianwood (along with a kid's sprite walking on the water). So, I guess you should change their attribute to "Hidden"
    Also, there's a rocket girl that has her pre-battle text messed-up (So I had to wait for a while till she stopped saying weird characters and decided to battle me). Check out her text, because it's getting overwritten.
    A thing to be careful is grammar, I may be too serious, but you should check out what you're writing, since, for example, Giovanni's text has some grammar problems (I guess you're using a lot of english "expressions", I'm not happy to see them, but once again, perhaps I'm too serious... XD)

    Still, scompi, this is a good hack, I hope to see more good things from this in the future!