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Chapter 4 dramatically revamped.

The Revival of a Friendship


A blinding light.

Although the radiance burned my eyes, it was the sweet feeling of being free which overtook me. It was hell in there. It brought back so many bad memories - memories which created the feeling of Carvanhas gnawing at my spine. Internally I was overjoyed to be free. I swore I would never return back in there.

I felt myself land on a spotless, white, human ground which was the shape of squares. I was back inside what they called ‘the laboratory’… I was no stranger to this place. It was like one of the human’s homes except much bigger. Two bursts of light materialized to both of my sides.

“Lunch time, you three,” said the jolly voice which I came to hate.

I stood up and looked around me. To my right was an orange bird-like pokemon with a round head and a puny body in comparison. He had three feathers on his head which resembled a flame. He had an orange body and goldenrod feathers for either arms or wings, either way they were useless. He also had sharp brown claws. That Torchic had an attitude problem which created hostility between us. We got into a few fights where the pokemon to my left always cheered for him.

I looked over to my left and saw the other pokemon who I loathed equally. A sapphire-colored, four-legged pokemon planted its white finned *ss on the inside ground. On his annoyingly enthusiastic face was a large blue fin along with orange whisker-like gills on his cheeks. His beady eyes stared at the Torchic’s. They walked ahead to where there were three red dishes filled with food. The two began to eat.

“Aren’t you hungry?” the voice asked.

I ignored him and looked around the room.

There it was! An open… What did the humans call it? … A window! It was high up on the wall beside a table, but I could make it. It was my portal out of there.

I ran towards it on all fours. I passed by the Torchic, deliberately hitting him in the back the head with my tail, causing him to fall into his dish of food. I made the traditional harmonic taunt, like a juvenile, but my smugness of being free overruled my disdain of immaturity.

“What are you doing?! Come back here!” he called out.

I didn’t turn my head. I jumped out of the building, away from the words, “Arceus, not again!”

The grass felt rejuvenating on my feet. I felt life come back to me as the dawn sunlight hit my skin. I knew they would find me again, but that didn’t stop me.

I ran into the forest, back to my true home.

Quickly... I ran.


Present day

Jeff quickly jogged down his front steps. He took a left turn, jogging down the asphalt, towards Birch’s Pokemon Lab.

Jeff went from a steady jog to a sprint towards the lab, aware of the time. “The early Taillow gets the Wurmple,” he thought to himself, speeding up. A guy on a bike, who had a small, blue, flightless bird hanging onto his shoulder, began to pass Jeff. He smirked at the guy, and began to have a race with him. The guy was unaware of Jeff beginning to surpass him as they neared the lab. The distance to the building shortened as he ran. He was almost there! Jeff looked at the guy, who looked back, and smiled. But then, what appeared to be a Torchic crossed his path.

“Tor-chic, tor-chic, tor-chic,” it chirped obliviously as it walked.

Jeff couldn’t slow down. He hit it and his legs went sailing backwards as he went flying onto the dirt road. He landed with a skid, dirt chalking his face and knees. Jeff lay sideways on the ground and saw the guy and his strange pokemon ride past the lab, dismount their bike, and walk into the forest.

“Ughhh, you ok?” Jeff asked the Torchic who was standing at his feet, pretty PO’d.

“Chic! Tor tor chic! Chic!” it peeped angrily.

“I can only assume that’s something mean,” Jeff said with a half-smile.

Jeff dusted himself off and saw a person jogging towards him. A girl Jeff’s age, whom he recognized, came running up to Torchic.

“Torchic, I told you not to go running ahead of me like that!” she reprimanded it, as she cradled Torchic in her arms.

“Tor…” Torchic said, looking at the ground, ashamed.

“Sorry about that si-…Jeff!? How are you?” The girl asked happily to Jeff.

The wind blew through the girl’s somewhat short brown hair, but it was dyed a reddish-brown color. Jeff stood taller than her, she being about 5’9” in height, with an incredibly cute face. A wave of joy swept over Jeff, seeing as he has had a huge crush on this girl ever since they took a Pokemon Biology class together last year, taught by Professor Birch.

“Hey there…Kristie, I’m fine. It’s no big deal; I shouldn’t have been rushing to the lab so quickly,” Jeff said apologetically but trying to sound as calm and confident as possible. “Speaking of which, you must have been coming back from there. Did you choose Torchic here?” Jeff asked.

“Yes I did. he’s so cute, too,” Kristie replied.

“Yeah, he’s great,” Jeff humored her. He then realized that other trainers must have gone to the lab, too. “Oh, are the other two pokemon still available?” Jeff asked, worried. Jeff thought about if he didn’t get his pokemon today. He would have to wait another month! Then he would have gotten all prepared for nothing.

“Other two? There was only one other pokemon there - a Mudkip, and Alan took that one.”

“What!?! But…hmm, I’m going to find out what’s going on!” Jeff exclaimed before entering the lab.

“Bye, Jeff,” said Kristie politely.

“Catch ya later, Kristie,” Jeff sputtered.

As Kristie went out of earshot Jeff muttered to himself, “Fack! Smooth, Jeff, real smooth…” Jeff mentally beat himself up, kicking a stick that lay on the ground.

He opened the glass door. The spacious one roomed lab had book-crammed shelves lining the walls. There were many complex machines used for physical and genetic examinations. Professor Birch was getting up from his desk, a pokeball in hand, just as he noticed Jeff enter.

“Not now…” the brown haired man of science muttered to himself, frustrated.

“I’m here for my starter…” he asked with Butterfrees in his stomach.

“I’m sorry, Jeff. The Mudkip and Torchic are both gone…” Professor Birch answered guiltily, twiddling his thick beard on his young and rather wide face. He was one of the younger pokemon professors.

“I know, but what about the Treecko?!” he hastily answered.

“He… escaped early this morning. You’re going to have to wait a few more weeks until the new shipment of starters arrived… although I might have a back up Torchic and Mudkip…” explained the professor.

“I really think that we should go get that Treecko. It could be in danger…”

Biting the inside of his cheek, Birch replied with a reluctant nod.

“Are you positive?” Professor Birch asked again. Jeff nodded adamantly, to which he sighed. “Very well. We’ll get the Treecko back and then you can choose from the three.”

Jeff was confused as to why Professor Birch was so skeptical about finding the Treecko.

The two humans left the laboratory and turned right and then walked right again, going into Route 101. Instead of going down the path that led north to Oldale Town, Professor Birch led him north-east into the forest - a familiar path. Hollowed out logs, large jutting out sticks, roots stubbornly refusing to stay under the earth, and fallen leaves littered the forest bed. They walked carefully through the woodlands, passing by curious Zigzagoons and Wurmples. Jeff smiled at the pokemon while walking by them. He carefully traipsed through the rough terrain, all the while keeping a look out for the lost Treecko.

“It’s going to be taxing trying to find the Treecko in all of this foliage. It’ll be like finding a swimming Vaporeon while its acid coat is activated,” Birch mused.

“I’ll be able to spot him…” Jeff said to himself, with assurance.

While walking through the hauntingly familiar terrain, Jeff couldn’t help but think of the Treecko that had saved him. Although he was optimistic, he highly doubted that the Treecko that they were looking for was, indeed, the same one. Jeff was just searching for the silver medal seeing as he wouldn’t settle for bronze.

“Are we wandering aimlessly or do you actually know where we’re going?” he asked Professor Birch.

“I know where we’re going… we’re going where this Treecko always returns to…”

Jeff’s optimism gained at the prospect of going to the old tree. “Maybe it really is the same one…” he thought.

They continued to walk through the dense woods. Light filtered through the branches before hitting the mossy forest bed. Crushing sticks, twigs, and fallen leaves as they went, the two meandered on. After a little more walking, the professor stopped.

“What’s the matter?” he asked Birch.

“We’re almost there…”

Jeff was feeling a sharp solution of excitement and fear whether the Treecko was the same one from his past and whether they were going where he thought they were going.

The underbrush grew thick and climbed above their heads. All that Jeff could see in front of him were plants and the white lab coat of Professor Birch moving through them. The professor disappeared ahead of him. He kept moving forwards until the ocean of underbrush ended and he walked out into a clearing.

There it was.

The massive tree. It looked old and almost as if it was dying. The colossal trunk grew incredibly tall and created an immense canopy with thick branches. Not far away was the lake. Standing just to Jeff’s left was Professor Birch.

“Here it is.”

Jeff’s eyes widened at the sight that he saw.


I was home.

I rested on a branch, which was about two and a half stories above the ground as humans would call it, and was leaning against the trunk. One of my legs was outstretched and the other was bent; my arm rested on my bent knee while the other arm was back near my tail, supporting me from falling back. I kept a watchful eye open as I idly chewed on my twig.

This was the only place that I truly felt comfortable. I only hoped that I could make it last.

I heard a rustling in the underbrush down below to my left. I quickly turned my head to see the intruder. Arceus help it if it tries to get near my tree. I saw white appear from the bushes.

It was him - the human who fed us and did tests on other pokemon! He wouldn’t bring me back there if I could help it. He looked up at the tree, probably in search of me. I heard and saw more movement in the bushes behind him but before I could find out what it was, something caught my instincts. I quickly turned my head back forward to find a winged pokemon land on the same branch as I. A golden-brown feathered bird perched on the end of it. His sharp-stick like beak was almost as long as his lengthy neck. The wind brushed by his red crest, blowing it slightly to the side.

“<He may be over twice my size but I’m not about to back down because if that. He doesn’t intimidate me and he’s not going to get away with stepping his dirty talons on my home!>” I thought.

I stood up from my relaxed stance and began to walk towards him on the thick, sturdy branch; the sharp, tiny hooks on my feet dug into the bark for good grip. The bird turned his ugly head towards me and stared in question. My reply was a cold, intimidating glare which pierced into his brown eyes.

“<I won’t forget what one of his kind did to me the day that all of it happened…>”

“<Damned Fearows.>”

“<What do you want?>” he asked me, irked.

“<Get… the… hell… out… of… my… tree… >” I responded. I made sure to carefully put a threatening emphasis on each word.

“<Why should I, you little runt?>” responded the Fearow with a cockiness which I wanted to beat out of him.

“<Get out… or I’ll rip out your feathers and shove them down your big beak,>” I threatened again, still leering dead center into his eyes.

He let out a caw of over-assured mockery. I tightened my fists, bit down on my twig, and readied my tail for a swing. The Fearow flapped his large brown wings and flew over my head to land behind me on the branch, blocking my way back to the trunk. I glowered and assumed a battle stance.

“<Sure you want to do this, puny Treecko?>” he asked.

My anger queued up inside me as I calmly stepped towards him. Without a word I swung my body around 360 degrees, smacking the Fearow across the face. He was undeniably shocked by the action, but he quickly shook it off and, in rage, shot his head forward towards me. I aptly pivoted my body to avoid the beak strike. The Fearow tried to stab at me two more times but to no avail.

I readied myself for another attack but I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I could see a new human-shaped figure standing beside the first one. I turned my head to get a better focus on it. It was undeniably the same human that I had met not too long ago.

“<Jeff?!>” I muttered to myself in shock.

While distracted, the bird caught me off guard. He took the opportunity to land a quick piercing peck on my shoulder. I felt his spear-like beak enter my collar and come out just as fast.

“Tree!” I yelled out as the burning pain over took my shoulder. I stepped back on the branch and prepared to attack but the beak strike came like lightning. Three more hits were landed in my leg, chest, and arm. If it weren’t for me attempting to move away, the chest hit may have been fatal.

“Cko…cko…cko…” I panted through gritted teeth. I ran forwards to jump and attack but found myself hit backwards onto the branch in mid air. I landed on my feet and then it came… the excruciating rain of pecks. They were so fast that I didn’t know where each peck hit, all that I knew was that my body felt like it was on fire.

“NO!” said a voice from the ground below. I opened my eyes and looked down to see many shallow cuts riddling my body along with trickles of blood from each. With each strike I was forced back on the branch, bringing me closer to the end of it. I felt so helpless, so weak.

“<You’re going to die… you’d might as well go out fighting. A soldier’s death is more than honorable,>” I thought to myself when I thought all was lost.

I charged the flying pokemon, expecting the worst. But I stopped; I noticed two hands grab onto the branch, near the trunk. Following the hands was the green clothed body of the human whom I familiarized myself with as Jeff. The Fearow had also stopped the attack and turned sideways to see the human standing on the thick branch, barefoot. He began to slowly approach the angry bird, who began to peck at me again.

“You two, stop! Fearow, cut it out!” I managed to hear him say through my own grunts.

The Fearow was having none of his order. The winged pokemon, whose beak was dripping with my blood, turned and with a lighting fast jolt, hit Jeff in the cheek. He stumbled back and almost lost balance. A decent trickle of both of our bloods seeped from his cheek and dripped down and off of his chin. I could tell that he felt the same searing pain that I was feeling all over.

The bird turned back to me and I raised my arms for protection. Jeff, now in clear rage, grabbed Fearow by the throat and swung him around, throwing him back against the trunk. The injured bird groaned and Jeff walked carefully over to me.

“Treecko? I… hey. We can talk later but we have to get the hell out of this tree!” he advised.

I shook my head and glowered. I still had a fight to finish. I had a gut feeling I could still win. I tried to get past him but he shifted to block me.

“Come on, get on my back and I’ll take you down!”

I let out another grunt and ignored his request. I managed to get around Jeff so I could face Fearow, who was now standing up and then he began to fly towards me. I readied my tail to deflect the bird’s beak but was shocked to see Jeff’s legs step in front of me, blocking my sight of the assailant.

“<Get out of the way!>” I yelled, which must have sounded like “Tree cko cko tree!” to him.

The bird began to peck at Jeff in a fury. I could hear the grizzly yet familiar sounds of the beak entering the flesh.

“Treecko… save yourself… get out of here…” he said through a grimace.

Rage built as it hit me. He still owed me for saving him from the poison. That was the only reason why he was here doing this! I disobeyed his plea and got around him to continue the fight on my own. Through the rain of strikes both of our skins were pierced by the Fearow’s drilling mouth.

The Fearow briefly stopped to catch his breath. “Treecko, if you’re as stubborn as I am, we’re going to be in a lot of trouble! Get on my back already!”

He knew I was, if not more so. I landed a solid whack on the bird beak but it quickly recovered and began to peck at me again. The pain was unbearable now.

Jeff took forceful action; he grabbed me in my weakened state and spun around so his back faced Fearow. He pressed me against his chest; my blood stained his shirt upon a mere touch. I could see the Fearow begin to peck at his back, making him wince and growl.

“Treecko, please… get out of here…” he pleaded through clenched teeth.

“<Do you actually care if I’m ok or do you only care if your pride is free of guilt and shame?>” I asked in a cold, angry manner.

Although he didn’t know what I said, I could tell by his eyes that those words stabbed him deeper than the Fearow’s beak was. Although taken aback, he still begged, “Please, Treecko, I’m doing this because I care about you. If you stay here you’re going to die! I don’t want you to get hurt! COME ON!”

“<He's serious! He's really worried about me… Does this mean Tyrogue was lying? Why would he care about me like this…? I don’t think anyone has before. It just doesn’t make sense!>”

A new respect for this human, Jeff, flooded through me. Nevertheless, I still tried to escape his tight grasp. I couldn’t let him take these blows for the fight I started! What kind of Treecko would I be if I did?

All of a sudden, the light pecks stopped and Jeff relaxed his muscles, giving me a chance to get free. We both turned around to hear a hammering noise. Much to our dismay, the Fearow, with a malicious glint in his eye, was pecking through the branch on which we stood. Already halfway through the wood, he was making short work of the branch. We knew what was coming. Before we had anytime to run, we felt the branch fall from under us.

Without a sound, Jeff grabbed for me in mid air. He managed to get a hold of one of my tails and he pulled me close to him. Jeff curled up to protect me from the blunt of the fall. I couldn’t believe it. Even in this drastic time he was still trying to save me. It overwhelmed me that anyone would do that… especially do that for me.

My tree luckily had a dense and low canopy. Small branches that we hit either broke or brushed by us, slowing our descent. We hit a particularly thick branch - about as thick as his arm. Jeff cried out as it broke on impact with his spine. Almost immediately after, a sharp stick whipped up Jeff’s face, leaving a deep scar which further opened the initial peck wound. We hit many of the softer and weaker branches below, which whisked up around us. The actually relatively short fall seemed like an eternity.

It finally happened. We hit the mossy ground with a thud. I rolled from Jeff’s arms and toppled meters away from him.

“…Ckoooo” I groaned, gasping for breath. I looked up at Jeff and saw that he wasn’t moving. Despite my wounds, I ran over to him and kneeled to his side. I then check his pulse and put my head to his bloodied chest for heart sounds.

“Treecko?” I asked, hoping to Arceus he was alright.

Jeff groaned but through gasps of air insisted, “I’m ok, Treecko-ergh-really…”

I then did something to both our surprise. I licked the bleeding cut on his cheek… not to check for poison, but as a gesture of gratitude and affection. I was shocked that I actually did that. I immediately sheepishly turned away and blushed.

“<He probably thinks I’m some kind of sappy idiot now,>” I thought, scratching the back of my head.

To my shock, with a warm expression, he answered, “Thank you, Treecko.”

I turned back around with a grin, folded my arms, and shook my head. “<Don’t thank me, thank you!>“ I said, which still sounded as “Treecko tree, tree cko!”

Our eyes met. We grinned and I shook his hand with my tail and he shook my tail with his hand. It was reminiscent to when we first met.

“Call it even this time?” Jeff asked with a grin.

With a large smirk I replied with, “Cko.”

The guy came over to us saying, “Thank goodness you two are ok… all things considered.”

“Yeah, thanks Professor Birch…”

Professor Birch. So THAT was his name. Everytime I heard that guy’s voice I was immediately reminded of that damned man-made prison.

“…I- hey… is that Fearow mocking us?” Jeff asked, staring in the sky. Sure enough, the Fearow was using the same immature taunt that I had used upon escaping the lab.

“<Cocky b*stard,>” Jeff and I both said in our native tongues.

“We have to get back to the lab immediately! You two are horribly hurt; I have some potions there!” Professor Birch insisted.

We nodded and helped each other to our feet. I went to walk but I found my legs had failed me; I fell forwards to be land on Jeff’s shoe which he outstretched for me to land on. He then brought his foot up to hand level and then he picked me up in his hands. Cradled in his arms, I grinned and closed my eyes from exhaustion.

They then began to limp back to their hometown.


We had made it through the forest and were now, to my disdain, behind the lab. Jeff’s arm was around Professor Birch’s shoulder to use his body for support as he carried me. They walked around the human made structure and went in the front. Jeff collapsed against the wall and I remained on his lap, unable to move without severe pain.

Professor Birch handed him a clear bottle with a blue cap. “Here, Jeff. To use the potion just hold down the blue button on the top and point it.”

Jeff nodded and looked down at me. “Sorry, Treecko. This is gonna hurt,” he explained remorsefully. He then sprayed the yellow-green liquid on my wounds. My cuts burned but I refused to show any pain. Jeff applied the potion to his own cuts afterwards.

“The potion should heal the cuts, for the most part, in an hour or two. Jeff, you can expect a scar on your face, though,” the professor guy explained.

Jeff slowly got to his feet. Then he said, “Professor… that was quite the adventure, but I think I’m ready to choose my starting pokemon.”

Beginning to quickly go through his desk and then cabinets, he said, “Of course, but first I have a funny story about Treecko here… about how I caught him.”

Jeff leaned in curiously but a knot tied in my stomach. “<No, don’t tell him that!>” I thought angrily.

“… Exactly one year ago today, I found this Treecko walking in the forest… I think he was going back to that tree we were at. Anyways, I was amazed to see a Treecko wandering alone in the forest. So I took out a pokeball to try to battle and catch it but he just stood there, not even trying to put up a fight. So I caught him without even having to send out a pokemon. It’s funny because that doesn’t seem like something that THIS Treecko would ever have done!” Professor Birch chuckled.

“Tree treecko tree cko!” I yelled in protest. Why would he tell him that?!

“So you LET yourself be captured?!” Jeff asked me, visibly angry. “After all that time I tried to find you, you were here all along?! Why!?”

Guiltily, I opened my mouth to defend myself but that damned human cut me off.

“YES! I found an extra Torchic and Mudkip! Now you have all three to choose from…” He trailed off when he noticed I was glaring at him with an angry and upset look.

He threw the two prison cages, which they called pokeballs, on the ground, releasing a different orange Torchic and a new blue Mudkip.

“Toorrrchic tor!” chirped the fire spitting chick cutely.

“Kip mudkip!” barked the enthusiastic and cheerful Mudkip.

They both ran past me and stood in front of Jeff. Each tried to be more appealing than me and the other one. My face grew the familiar indifferent yet disheartened look.

“<This won’t be a new feeling,>” I thought, apathetically on the outside, morosely on the inside. I knew that with those two battling for the spotlight, I’d never get picked… not even by Jeff. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. I awaited the familiar feeling of being discarded for the cute and the happy.

“<This is all your fault anyways! If you didn’t let yourself be captured just because you listened to some jackass Tyrogue, then Jeff wouldn’t be p*ssed off at you! He might have actually considered taking you if it wasn’t for your idiocy! Instead you’re going to be stuck back here with these clowns, either being stuck in your pokeball or being exiled by the other two pokemon… not that you wanted to be around them. Damn it, Gri… err, I mean Treecko,>” I scolded myself.

With apathy, I said, “<Enjoy your journey, Torchic or Mudkip. Take good care of him…>” In my head I finished the sentence with “<… You idiots.>”

“<Maybe the reason you don’t get picked is because you don’t try.>” So I decided to take a last ditch, futile effort; I walked in front of the other two and looked deep into his eyes before nodding. That’s all I allowed myself to do.

Jeff kneeled down to my eye level, ignoring the other two. “Would you really want to leave your tree and come with me?”

That was a tough question. I stared off into the distance, many conflicting thoughts running through my head. “<Do I stay and pass up the only opportunity that I have? Or do I risk it and leave?>” After several moments I stared at him and nodded.

Jeff smiled. “Then I’ve made my decision. I choose Treecko!” he stated adamantly.

Everyone was surprised. The professor and the other two choices sighed. My jaw dropped in shock. “<Was this guy serious? Does he actually want to choose me… over them?! I can’t believe anyone would! This guy, Jeff, is different,>” I thought in dumbfounded amazement.

After all my hope was lost and then regained into a massive injection of it. Without knowing it, I found myself on Jeff’s shoulder hugging the side of his face. The uncalled for affection, I noticed, was causing him to blush and smirk. I stopped myself, ashamed that I let my weaker emotions get the better of me. I jumped back down to the ground, maintaining my cool, uncaring demeanor.

“<I’m not sure I’ve ever been this happy.>”

“It’s your funeral,” Professor Birch mumbled, just loud enough for us to hear.

“What do you mean?” Jeff shot back, not unkindly.

“Jeff… can I talk to you for a few minutes?”

He nodded and walked to the Professor’s side.

“It’s about that Treecko…” he tried to whisper, but little did they know my ears picked up on the conversation.

“Yeah? What is it?” Jeff whispered back.

“I’ve had that Treecko for twelve months and not one trainer has chosen it. I can’t get more than one starting pokemon of each species until the last of each one has been given to trainer. That’s why, after this guy came along, you’ve never seen anyone else leaving Littleroot Town with one.”

“I still don’t understand. Why wouldn’t anybody take him?”

“You see… this Treecko is incredibly independent and stubborn. No matter who you are, he won’t listen to you unless he respects you. Which few pokemon honestly do so early on in the journey. Most trainers are overwhelmed by pokemon who are like this… even veteran trainers. When the new trainers come to pick one, he doesn’t even try to get picked and he doesn’t exactly flow well with them anyways. I really don’t blame them for not picking him. Are you sure you won’t reconsider?”

I overheard the conversation and the words hit hard. I knew I was constantly a jerk to Professor Birch, but I never thought he’d try so hard to break me and Jeff apart. Jeff turned around and kneeled down to my level. The knot in my stomach returned. “<Here it comes.>”

“So you’re a rebel, huh?” he asked me, to which my eyes turned to the floor. Much to my surprise he said, “I like the sound of that!” I smugly raised my chest up in grin, still twiddling the twig in my mouth with my tongue.

Professor Birch, not caring to whisper anymore, insisted, “Jeff? … Are you sure?”

“I’m positive! You can’t disregard a pokemon just because of their personality… it isn’t fair!” he insisted.

“Very well… but don’t come back here with your tail between your legs if it doesn’t work out, soldier on,” he warned. I wanted to pound him across the face right then. If he made me lose a potential friend than I swore I’d tear this lab inside out the next change I got.

“No problem, Treecko and I will be great journey-partners!” Jeff insisted.

“Anyways, here is your pokedex and five pokeballs…” he said, handing Jeff a red rectangle machine that could be fit into one of their pockets as well as five miniature spheres which were not expanded to their true size. “… And allow me to try and return Treecko to his pokeball.”

There it was. He pointed the ball at me, on the ground. A red light shot from it but I gracefully jumped out of the way in time. He tried to recall me back to the cell again but I dodged and leapt up onto Jeff’s shoulder.

“What’s the problem?” Jeff asked him.

“Treecko never lets me recall him to his pokeball. I think he’s just being difficult for the sake of being difficult!” Professor Birch complained. He couldn’t be further from right. I saw Jeff grin and nod with apparent empathy.

“Hold still,” he whispered to Jeff. He shot the red beam from the center of the device. Jeff sidestepped so that the beam didn’t hit me. The laser instead shot into his eye, causing him to yelp and double over. In anger, I spat the twig from my mouth so that it hit Professor Birch in the face. He stumbled backwards and, with agility and speed, I hit the pokeball from his hand with my tail. I did a somersault and landed on a knee, managing to catch the twig back in my mouth before it hit the floor. I was extremely proud of myself and showed it through a smug grin.

“Why does this Treecko have it in for me so much?! Ever since day one!” he moaned. I simply shrugged and stood up.

“Arrgh, Arceus,” Jeff swore, clutching his left eye. “My eye! You coulda burned my retinas right out!”

“Sorry, Jeff… need some ice?” Professor Birch apologized.

He grinned and shook his head. “Just check if you accidentally captured my optic nerve.” I smirked and the professor chuckled.

“Wow, you’re really fast, Treecko,” Jeff complimented. I nodded in thanks. I also made it appear that I was agreeing with him simply for the fact that Jeff would probably want a pokemon with good self-confidence. I was confident in myself… but I still wasn’t good enough.

Professor Birch took out a piece of paper, took a pen, and began writing on it. He handed it to Jeff, who began to read it. I had a feeling I knew what it said; it disheartened me.

“Yes, I’m positive. You know I know what I’m doing. You’ve taught me for years!” Those words, indeed, reassured my suspicion that the note said, “Are you SURE you want him?”

Pretty soon Jeff was going to start listening to Professor Birch’s advice. It depressed me to think about when that day, or even hour, would come.

“I guess there’s no stopping you then. I’m sure you two will do fine. I’m just worried for you safety,” he insisted, grinning.

“Well, thanks.”

“In case you get curious, Jeff… don’t try that. You probably WILL end up losing your eye. But, if you DO try, make sure you don’t have six pokemon on hand before the league because I don’t want it back here.”

“I never would have guessed,” Jeff sarcastically replied.

I gave the professor a grin, which clearly aggravated him.

“Please, Treecko. Just go into your pokeball…”

I sighed. I knew I couldn’t keep doing this… and if I wanted to travel with Jeff, I’d have to start getting use to the torturous sphere. An aura of defeated sadness surrounded me as I gave in. I hung my head and approached his feet. He pointed the thing at me and I tightly shut my eyes and felt a chill go up my spine; my past memories were haunting me. I awaited to be returned into the depths of the ball but was shocked when Jeff said, “Wait!”

“You want to say something to Treecko before I return him?” the Professor asked.

“Yes…I never actually planned to keep Treecko in his pokeball.” Jeff smiled, rubbing the back of his head.

Treecko and Professor Birch looked at him with a look of disbelief.

“Come again?” Professor Birch asked.

“I remember having a…” Jeff trailed off. “I just can’t do it again…”

“I’m sorry?” he asked Jeff, confused. There was something up with Jeff… I could sense that something haunted him much like something did me.

“Erm, I think I can read Treecko very well and I think he hates being stuck inside it. I feel that he has the same understandable fear as I; I can’t say I’m fond of being in that sort of dependent situation, either. Am I right, Treecko?”

I was surprised but I smiled and nodded, admitting to it. He was exactly right. He smiled in return.

“Therefore, I won’t force you to be confined to a pokeball,” he offered, extending a hand.

“<This is terrific! Things are actually going my way!>”

I took his offer and jumped onto his arm and climbed up to his shoulder. I smirked, internally enjoying the idea.

“You two really are…made for each other.” Professor Birch smiled. “Not one trainer, other than you, Jeff, would have been happy with that Treecko… no offense Treecko, but you know it’s true.”

I grinned and admittedly nodded.

“Also the way you two cared for each other back with Fearow…astounding, you two already have a great bond like a chain!”

We both mildly flushed and nodded. “Let’s just say we’re like old friends,” Jeff smiled at me. I smirked back at the inside joke.

“Thank you so much, Professor. I’ll keep in contact! Let’s go, Treecko,” he said excitedly.

“Treecko tree,” I agreed. “<This is too good to be true!>” I thought. “<I don’t think I could have asked for a better trainer and companion!>”

With me on his shoulder, we began to walk out of the lab.

“<Who knows? This may actually be… fun.>”

“I’ll call you as soon as I get to Oldale Town,” Jeff called back to him. “I have to stop by home first,” he explained.

And so we, the two old friends, walked out of the lab. The setting sun cast orange upon are still bloodied bodies.

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