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Griff: Hehe, thanks. Cool that I am doing fine in characters and descriptions. Don't worry, I know that homework can get in the way sometimes on other things that we want to do XD

diamondpearl: Yeah, I didn't put too much detail on the Venonat scene on purpose. It is more of how that man's mind went. XD Don't worry though, that scene will come back in more deatil...but that scene won't come back for a while. ;;;

Also, thanks so much for correcting some of the grammar mistakes for me. I really suck at tenses. I will try my best to check over those next chapter.

Oh, and the mythology will be very important to the story...but it might/might not what you expect the role of the mythology to be.

Hanako: Sorry that I posted this early. I kind of want to post the prologue before the school starts. Also, thank you for correcting those grammar mistakes. I edited this story a bit, XD

About that first qutoe, the spent one...well, I was trying to write that Bunny had been in the library for a long time. If you can think of a better sentence for me to use, then that is cool.

Again you three, thanks again!I hope next chapter will be with less grammar mistakes! And oh, expect the release date for the first chapter to be October 1st!
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