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    @ jetmagnumX:

    KewL** Maybe I Should Learn From You Fan Fic Writers
    Never hurts. Some of the stuff I know I've learned from better writers. ^_^; Reading a ton of published work helps too.

    Thanks for the review as well. ^_^

    @ Alter Ego: Thanks for pointing that out! I'll try to keep that in mind (and, well, go back through the other revised chapters to see if I did it again, as I sometimes have the tendency to do that). I must admit, though, that the absence of grammatical errors is mostly thanks to the reviewers of the original, particularly Negrek and Dragonfree. (I should really actually use a beta. ^_^;)

    Thank you for the compliments as well, and I'll certainly continue this. The next chapter will be coming in one week. ^_^
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