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Skunter:Hi! (waves)

Hehe, thanks for saying how my writing style is smooth. Yeah, that what I am going for.

Hm...I know of your concern of how this story is loosely based off that book. Well, in the original version (this is version 2 XD ), it is almost excatly like "The Da Vinci Code". Thus, one of the big reasons why I discontinued the original version. XD In this version, however, there are still some scenes very similiar to the book, but let's just say I tried to do it differently.

Probably what I am going to do is if there are some scenes similar to "The Da Vinci Code", I will say so and then tried to explain the best I can how mine is different from that book. Maybe I will do that in spoilers for those who hadn't read the book yet. XD

Hehe, thanks for the review! Also, today is your (and everyone's elses) lucky today!

Lalala, chapter update! XD

Sorry for the short delay. I decided to post it today as I will be very busy the next few days and am afraid I might be able to update this chapter for a while (don't want this to end up like "Simplicity" O.o).

Anyways, enough of the excuses. Here is chapter one! And oh, thanks Saphria_Thorn for betaing this!

Chapter One

It was one bright afternoon, despite the snow on the ground. Two people were playing hide and seek, the cold breeze not bothering them. One plump figured man was screaming to the second player of the game.

“Hey, Jenny! Where are you?”

Behind a tree, a girl was giggling. She covered her mouth, hoping her uncle did not hear that. Jenny was wrong when someone poked her shoulder.

“Ouch!” she yelled while rubbing her shoulder.

“Did it really hurt?”

After she heard a chuckle, the girl turned around and saw an old man with white hair. His smile made his wrinkles disappear.

“Yes it does, Uncle Ernest,” Jenny said in an annoyed voice.

Ernest bent down and then rubbed Jenny’s shoulder for a few seconds. After he finished, he got back up and chuckled.

“Better now?” he asked with a grin.

The girl both smiled and nodded at the same time.

“Yes, much better!”

Ernest smiled back and then lifted his niece up, which made her laughed.

“Why you did that?” she asked while staring at her uncle, eyes twinkled with delight.

“To do this!”

Ernest kissed her forehead, cradled her like a baby, and then began tickling her cheeks.

“Stop that!” Jenny commanded nicely while giggling.

“Aw, but I like hearing you laugh!”

He tickled her stomach this time and that got Jenny laughing even harder. Her seven year old self did not know that bonding would not last long.


Jenny suddenly woke up with wide eyes and took deep breaths. Her mouth began to twitch. She felt cold sweat on her cheeks.

Why did I dream that all of a sudden?

Wanting to come back to reality and not think about that dream anymore, the woman shook her head. Her police hat fell off, showing off her locks of royal blue hair. The officer then yelled when she spilled her coffee on her police uniform, her arm accidentally shoved it off of the white squared table. Already the dream was out of her mind.

“Dang it! And I just dry cleaned it too,” she complained in a soft voice.

Jenny later ate the last pieces of her chocolate donut, each bite made her smile more. After she finished, her eyes stared at the checkerboard-patterned floor and later the peach colored walls. Her nose sniffed the freshly baked donuts on the display case, ready for the customers to eat them. No one else inside but her, though. Jenny soon looked outside and saw booths and tents being constructed. She knew what was going on.

Dang it, too bad I can’t be one of the police that can guard the Sinnoh Renaissance. At least I can check out the lights and sounds of that event.

Her thoughts came to a halt when she heard her cell phone’s ringtone. She picked it up and then answered the call.


“Hello, honey!”

She gasped. That voice sounded too familiar to her, and it pained her heart, as if someone stabbed it. It had been four years since Jenny met him. Seconds passed by until Jenny would answer back.

“What do you want?”

“Look, I can’t talk much,” he said hastily. “Just want to let you know, just in case I do not make it, I will leave a note for you and to have Bunny Spruce help you with it.”

Confusion struck her mind. Her eyes twitched and she loosened her grip of the cell phone. Those words were nothing much but a whisper in the wind to her.

Do not make it…leave a note for you…have Bunny Spruce help you with it…

“What the? Anything the matter?”

No answer as the familiar voice hung up on her. Irritation simmered in her veins, she slammed the cell phone on the table. The woman put her fingers on her chin, the wind blowing back at her.

Do not make it…leave a note for you…have Bunny Spruce help you with it…

What does it mean?

All of a sudden, she laughed and shook her head. A funny thought came to mind.

“Bunny. Hehe, Buneary girl. Probably a girlfriend of his.”

She sipped her coffee and then stared outside with a frown. Jenny went back thinking about the caller and that dream she had earlier. Jenny felt her throat dry up and her heart beating slowly.

Wonder where he is now. I guess that is why I had that dream.

Again, her mind jumped to a different thought. Jenny suddenly stared down at her green rock necklace. The officer was not even sure she considered it a rock, with its weird color and all.

Why do I still have that necklace? Why does my mind keep jumping into new things to think about?

Her index finger touched her lips. For four years, Jenny kept asking herself the necklace question.


Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum.

The afternoon sun wasn’t bothering anyone. Everyone was smiling and either singing, dancing, chatting, or eating. Many smells of cooked food engulfed the air. Confetti flew everywhere and the roar of the drums kept getting louder and fiercer, like a dragon Pokemon getting ready to battle. Many of the buildings were covered in colorful decorations.


“Hello, this is Crissy Williams from Jubilife TV! Over here, we have the Sinnoh Renaissance Fair, an event to celebrate the achievements this great region had done throughout history! Many people are here to enjoy some plays and games, but most of all, the Pokèmon Battle Tournament!”

Behind the black haired skinny reporter, Jubilife City was filled with many people in medieval clothing. Some of them dressed as peasants, many in torn tunics and pants. Others wore very fancy clothing, a lot dressed in huge dresses and bright colored cloaks. Many men wore shining armor but not carrying swords. Like the reporter said, there were many activities the guests can do. Many people ate some food that consisted of Farfetch’d and Grumpig meat. A lot of them played games like the ‘dunk the person into the water’ game.

However, the most famous attraction was the Pokèmon Battle Tournament. So far that activity drew a large crowd; all would cheer or jeer from the stands, depending on the situation. One woman, wearing a cotton material red dress and a ribbon on her brown hair, looked very nervous. Her blue eyes kept blinking and she felt sweat flowing down on her light pink cheeks. She slowly turned around to face a woman wearing a silky black dress and two roses on her blond hair.

“I cannot believe you talked me into this, Violet!” whispered the woman acidly. “I’m really not looking forward to this!”

Violet chuckled and then said, “Come on, Bunny! This could be fun! Also, you are a more skilled battler then me.”

“I know,” Bunny said in an uneasy tone. “Still, I don’t really battle that much. Some of those people are probably great trainers who have badges with them.”

Bunny’s friend closed her brown eyes and then laughed, her stomach making some slow movements. Violet laughed so hard, for a second she forgot how to breathe. Bunny just stared at her like she had just lost her mind.

“Sorry. Sometimes you take things too seriously,” Violet said when she stopped laughing. “This is just a little fun tournament, not a Gym battle or a Contest event. Besides, you need some relaxation.”

Bunny sighed, she knew what her friend had said was true. She did not take a break yet. Three years she had been traveling and researching, as she was a Pokèmon archaeologist. Now she was just settling down at her hometown of Canalave City for a while to start her first book. Wanting perfection made her took too many all-nighters, which showed from her pink eyeballs. She worried she made a mistake on her book, even if it was just a typo.

“Yeah, you are right,” Bunny said with a smile. “Been worrying about my book on the history of the elemental stones. So much research I did on those things, not to mention buying a few of them. Those things are expensive!”

She later turned her gaze away from Violet and looked to the right. Her face then quickly changed of happiness to great anxiety.

“Violet, where is Balin?”

Away from Bunny and Violet, a white fox Pokèmon walked down on the cobbled road. Its small nose was sniffing, trying to find the source of the heavenly smell. There were times the Ninetales bumped into people. Some did not mind while others were mad at him. Balin made a woman sneeze when one of his nine tails touched her nose.

“I cannot believe he is gone!” screamed Bunny, moving her head back and forth. “And man, I will be up in twenty minutes! Dang Balin and him being a Pokèmon pet before!”

“Bunny, calm down!”

The two were now a few feet hundred away from the stands, not wanting to create a huge commotion on the stands. Violet touched her forehead, trying to think of a way to make things better. When she finally thought of something, she snapped her fingers.

”Hey, have Sky help! We can cover more ground if the three of us split up!”

A grin was painted on Bunny’s face. Her anxiety begun to cool down.

“Hey, good idea!”

Bunny quickly took out a Pokèball from the purse she was carrying, and later threw it up in the air. The red and white orb burst open with a bright light and later the Pokèmon could be clearly seen. A purple balloon with yellow tape on the middle hovered up and down slowly. His tiny eyes looked as if he was tired.

“Drifblm?” asked the balloon Pokèmon in a sleepy voice.

“Sky, sorry to wake you up. Balin is missing…again. Do you think you can help us find him?”

Bunny said that while holding her hands very tightly, hoping the Driftblim would consider her offer. Usually Sky did not like to find the Ninetales, knowing that the Pokèmon was always in some sort of mischief. Seconds later, the Drifblm just rolled his eyes. Knowing that meant Sky would probably not do it, Bunny decided to try again.

“Come on, pal! I know Balin can be a trouble at times, but you know him, always likes to check something out. Not only that, he is your friend.”

That last sentence made Driftblim changed his mind and then nodded slowly in agreement. Bunny smiled at her Pokèmon and then turned around when she heard loud bell sounds.

Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!

“Winner Kelly Milestone and her Spiritomb!” a male voice screamed. “Up next, Tessa Garnos against Elliot Smith and then Bunny Spruce against Carlos Knotty!

Shock was smeared all over Bunny’s face. After her eyes blinked a few times, she turned back to face Sky and Violet.

“We better separate now! Meet you guys here later!”

In less than a couple of seconds, the three went their separate ways.

Meanwhile, the Ninetales started to walk faster. He could tell the smell was of food and he wanted it badly. As each second passed, the Pokèmon craved for it more and more. More complaints from the humans came, but Balin was not paying attention. He walked faster and soon drool came out from his mouth.

While Bunny was running, she held her stomach and took deep breaths. Fear overtook her mind. She always felt weak when it came to anxiety.

Violet is right, I worry too much. Maybe Balin will be fine, right? Right?

Each step she walked made her fear worst. She let her nervousness conquer her mind and do its bidding.

“Balin! Where are you?” Bunny screamed, tears streaming down on her cheeks.

“Lady, are you all right?” asked a short man in an armor suit, helmet covering his face.

Bunny just glanced at him and then continued running. The man just stood there hearing the archaeologist's sobs.

The balloon Pokèmon was looking for the Ninetales but saw many people eating and a few clowns passing out flyers. All of a sudden, hands grabbed two of the Driftblim’s ribbons.

“Oh my gosh, a Driftblim to play with!” said a young girl’s voice. “Mine!”

Sky had a good look at the girl. Her braided brown hair matched the color of her eyes. She wore a small green flowing dress with huge sleeves.

“No sis, it’s mine!” said a young boy’s voice.

Sky also had a good look at the girl’s brother. The boy wore ragged clothes, both shirt and pants torn. His curly hair was a bit messy, some twigs could be seen.

The brother and sister kept pulling the poor balloon Pokèmon. Rage started to build up inside Sky and suddenly he made himself bigger. Too bad the kids were not scared yet.

“Cool!” the sister said while clapping. “Do that again, Drifblim!”

When Sky’s rage hit its boiling point, the Pokèmon inhaled more and then blew glittered wind at the siblings. They screamed and closed their eyes, not wanting any powder on them.

“I think we made it mad!” said the young girl in fright.

“Yeah, you are right. Come on, let’s go!”

As soon as the two children cried for mercy and bolted away, Sky chuckled softly and went on to search for Balin.

Balin still tried to find the source of the smell. He ran faster and faster but with a frown. Suddenly, the Pokèmon stopped to look around and he smiled again when he saw a small tent with the sign, “Miltank Soup”. After Balin licked his mouth, he slowly went behind the tent.

This will make her really worry now, Violet thought to herself while running. First school, now this.

Violet was not thinking about finding Balin at the moment. She knew that Bunny’s Pokèmon being lost would make her a nervous wreck. The woman hated to see her friend like that. She wondered how she actually had the patience to deal with her anxiety attacks.

Her wheezing breaths and her loud steps made some people stare at her. She did not notice them, however. Everything just seemed to be a blur while she was running.

I do hope she will be okay.

When Balin’s head poked inside the tent, he saw a small lady in a brown dress and apron stirring some soup slowly inside a large pot . A whiff of the soup came inside the Ninetales’ nose, which smelled very good to him. He then turned his head to the left and saw a long wooden table with bowls lined up. Slowly, the Pokèmon came inside and licked one of the bowls. Feeling good inside, Balin began to lick quicker each time.

Outside, Sky the Driftblim was still searching for his friend. He actually kept inhaling and exhaling, quite tired already. The balloon Pokèmon was about to turn around to find Violet until he heard a scream.

“A Ninetales is eating the soups! Scram, you stray Pokèmon!”

The backside of the tent went wide open and then Balin came out with a bowl in his mouth. A few seconds later, the woman came out with a huge silver spoon on her right hand, chopping the air many times with it.

“I am so going to get you now!”

The woman almost hit Balin with her spoon, but he threw the bowl and later soup splashed on her face. The Pokèmon smiled when he heard sizzling noises.

“IT BURNS!” the woman shrieked while covering her face.

Sky rolled his eyes when Balin giggled and then the balloon Pokèmon called him.

“Drift! Blm! Blm blm!”

That caught the Ninetales’ attention and he smiled when he saw Sky. The Driftblim later came close to Balin and flapped one of its ribbons to him. Knowing what he wanted him to do, the white fox Pokèmon bit down on it and then Sky flew higher and faster.

It did not take long for the two to come to where the tournament was at. When they made it, both smiled and cheered when they saw Bunny just walking by.

“Nine, nine! Nine!” the Ninetales yelled.

Bunny first did not hear his cry, her mind shaded with nervousness. She thought something happened to him already. When she heard a familiar voice though, she smiled and felt her heart beating rapidly with joy.

“Sky, Balin!” she said while waving to the two.

Sky put Balin down and then Bunny ran towards him to hug him tightly. She did not notice the Pokèmon trying to get out of her embrace.

“Oh my gosh, you are all right! I won‘t ever let go, never!”

“Nine!” the Pokèmon yelled while gasping for air.

Bunny laughed nervously and then let her Ninetales go. The Pokèmon coughed and then took deep breaths.

“Thanks for finding Balin, Sky,” Bunny said when she turned around to look at her Pokèmon.

“Drift, drift!” the balloon said in gratitude and with a nod.

“Hehe. Okay, you can rest now.”

Bunny took out Sky’s Pokèball and opened it, which made the Pokèmon return in a red beam of light. She then looked at Balin with a frown on her face this time and he seemed to notice it. The Ninetales gave a small chuckle, hoping she would be well again. It did not work, though.

“Balin, this is the third time this year you ran away. Now, I only let you out of your Pokèball since you are used to being in the outdoors. Please, try not to run away again, all right? If you do though, then it’s back in the Pokèball with you.”

Balin yelped and his body shook violently at the thought at that. He later nodded hastily.

“Good,” Bunny said with a smile. “Hope you will behave from now on.”

All of a sudden, a voice screamed in pauses, the one that Bunny recognized.

“Oh, so I guess… Sky… found him first.”

Bunny turned around and saw Violet with hands on her knees. She heard her friend taking deep breaths.

“Are you okay?” asked Bunny.

“Can we get some water first and then back to the tournament?” Violet asked as she slowly got herself back up.

Before Violet’s friend answered that question, she checked her watch. Two minutes until one o’ clock in the afternoon. Her eyes went wide.

“Later! Right now I have a battle to do.”

As soon as Violet grunted and was able to stand fully, Bunny immediately grabbed her arm and the two ladies later ran, Balin coming a little behind.


Well, hope you guys like the chapter. Sorry that not much isn't happening yet. This chapter is more so of expanding some of the character's personalities a little bit. And also, I tried my best to dealt with the tenses but it could be a chance there might be a lot still hanging around a few places. >.> Probably after a few chapters I will be able to catch them better! XD

Well, hope you guys have a nice weekend! Also, here is a little preview of chapter two:

Coming Up--- Chapter Two: The Things They Carried

Bunny's battle is getting underway and then later after the fair the police will be very busy. When night came, the same man will leave a few things for Jenny...

EDIT: I would like to thank DarkPersian479 at Serebii forums for pointing me the tense mistakes I had on this story. So yeah, this chapter has been edited a bit, grammar wise.

Well, hope you guys read and review!

EDIT 10/20/2007- Again I edited the grammar mistakes (thanks Hanako! ) Not only that, I changed the beginning a little bit and I also put how it was four years ago in the paragraph of how the phone call Jenny had was from a voice similar to her. Again, heeded Hanako's idea. Thanks!
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