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    .:~Pokemon Species Version~:.

    This is the second time I start this Hack. This was my first official hack and I will put some screens from the Old one.

    The DAILO region was where you were born, an as every normal person, when you got 12 years old you went for your first Pokemon. But, you couldn't get one, because the Pokemon Lab was far away from your hometown. So you live without a Pokemon for 3 years, and when you got 15 you captured a Pokemon. So you start your adventure fulled of new experiences and thrills in the New DAILO Region!

    Twenty years have passed since a Trainer captured a Pokemon called Rayquaza, which powers would stop the Legendary Battle between Groudon & Kyogre each 20 years. Only a Trainer called May knew about this Trainer. But now that she continues his father's work, (Prof. Birch), she sends you to find that Trainer to avoid the Catastrophe that will come on Autumn, this year.


    • New Region
    • New Adventures
    • Trip to Other Regions (After Pokemon League)
    • New Scripts
    • Lightly Editted Pokemons (They learn different moves, New Stats, and editted Sprites)
    • New and Old Characters
    • Interlazed Histories
    • And a lot & bunch more!
    Betas: English (US)
    Alfas: Spanish (MX)


    The New PokeCenter!

    • Aurora Village
    • Route 1
    • Emerald Town
    • Route 2
    • Coral City
    • Route 3
    • Opal Cavern
    • Amethyst City (Name changed due to Story reasons.)
    • Southern Route 4
    • Northern Route 4
    • Stamina Cave
    • Ruby Town
    • Route 5
    • Crystal Forest
      ------------- (Beta enlarged to Beta 2.)
    • Route 6
    • Jade Village
    • Mt. Steel
    • Sapphire City
    • Route 7
    • Route 8
    • Cyclone Bay
    • Route 9
    • Hotel Zone
    • Route 10
    • Grand Sea
    • Florean Island (Crystal Sea)
    • Virgo Isle (Onix Version)
    • EverGrande City (R/S/E)
    • One Isle (Sevii Isles)
    • Cinnabar Island (FR/LG)
    • CianWood City (G/S/C)
    • The Sky Temple

    (Each Line means different Beta.)

    -Support Zone-

    If you fid a Bug on a Beta or Alfa, please fill these form.
    • Place:
    • How to make it:
    • Effect:



    To ~Ozumis & SHN for the base I won on a Mapping-Contest on WAH Forums.

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