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A bell tolled, waking Jeff up. He arose from the cot and groggily looked around.

“We’re here, Jeff. Just barely made it, too! I can’t believe you slept through that whole thing,” Mr. Briney stated.

“Thanks for the ride!” he answered, still half-asleep. He picked up his bag and began to ascend the stairs, topside.

“No problem. Going through that storm made me feel like I did when I was your age! I’m going to be docked here for awhile, though. If you need to go anywhere else, you know where I am,” the captain chuckled.

“See you around, Geodude.” Jeff opened the hatch and his face was pelted with rain. It was no longer night, the sky was gray, but it was still raining. He reluctantly pulled himself back into the element. Almost slipping on the deck, he stumbled onto the pier.

Jeff closely examined the small island town. He would have said it was the size of Oldale Town, except coastal and it had one landmark building: the gym. The large building was huge compared to the other, smaller houses. Directly at the end of the pier was the pokemon center. Without a second guess, Jeff dashed towards it. While he ran, something caught the attention of the corner of his eye: three destroyed beach houses, to his right on the beach. He quickly dismissed it and charged towards the only salvation for his pokemon.

He burst through the automatic doors, almost tearing one off the track. He ran through the empty pokemon center and up to Nurse Joy, who was waiting happily at the desk next to the plump, pink body of a Chansey.

“My Treecko is hurt! He needs some help. I don’t know how serious it is.”

“Of course. If you could release him from his pokeball…” she asked, sweetly.

Jeff swung around his backpack and dug out the pokeball. He was reluctant to open it, afraid Treecko might be DOA. He closed his eyes and pointed it onto the desk. The still wood gecko materialized on the counter. His eye was barely open and his breathing was much worse than before.

Incredibly weakly, he heaved, “<You… put me in a… pokeball… and took me… from my… home? You… you…>”

Even though all Jeff could hear was, “Cko… tree ckotree… treecko cko… cko cko tree…treecko… cko? Cko… cko…” By the very look and tone of voice, he knew that he had made a huge mistake… even though he only wanted to help him. Treecko gave him a final betrayed leer before Nurse Joy took him to the ICU, with the Chansey following.

“He just needs a lot of rest,” she replied with the obligatory answer of reassurance.

“If you’d like to wait, there are some magazines that you can read. Then I’d like to ask you about what happened.”

Jeff really didn’t want to talk about what happened so he said, “I’ll be back soon. There’s something I need to do.”

Feeling awful and particularly angry at himself, Jeff burst out the door and, without a second thought, stormed towards the Dewford gym. He was waterlogged from the continuous downpour, but he still tramped towards the gym in determination. Jeff approached the beige painted building and opened the front doors. He walked in and drew near the front desk, which had a lanky, bored security guard behind it.

“I’m here for a battle,” Jeff explained.

“Go on in,” he replied monotonously. “Brawly is training his pokemon.”

He entered the door to the left of the broad desk and walked in. He found himself on the perimeter of a green, hardwood-floored gym. The set up had reminded Jeff of the room where he and Hitmonlee had practiced fighting back before Hit had evolved. Surrounding the battlefield were bleachers running five feet above the floor. On the other side of the gym, Jeff made out three figures doing stretches. One was a man with blue hair like the ocean. The green floor heavily contrasted with his orange T-shirt and blue shorts. The other two figures appeared to be pokemon. Both were the size of children but they differed heavily in appearance. The one to the gym leader’s left was a plump-looking yellow pokemon reminiscent of a sumo wrestler. On the human’s other side was a skinnier pokemon with a gray skin tone and a small tail.

Jeff took off his wet shoes and walked towards the three. On closer inspection, the yellow pokemon had red blotches on its cheeks as well as black, glove-like hands and the gray pokemon had three crests on its head. He stopped in front of the three and they stopped the routine stretching.

“Hey, I’m here for a battle,” Jeff stated.

“Woah, slow down, little dude,” the twenty-something year old said in a heavy surfer accent. Jeff had to chuckle under his breath; the accent instantly reminded him of Keanu, his brother. “My name’s Brawly, and this the gym for fighting pokemon, in case ya’ didn’t know.” He outstretched a hand, to which Jeff shook it.

“I’m Jeff, from Littleroot Town.”

“Ohhhh yeaaah, four dudes from Littleroot Town came by here a day or two ago.”

“Four?” responded Jeff, confused.

“Two sets of two. Both at different times,” he explained serenely.

“Well, anyways, I’d like to battle you.”

“Radical! We were in the mood for a battle, seeing as y’can’t surf in this weather. Rules are… two on two. First one to have both pokemon wiped out loses. Go to your side and choose your dude!”

Jeff nodded and walked to his side of the field, in front of the door. He stood firm and reached for his pokeball.

“Machop, you’re up, dude,” Brawly said, sending the gray pokemon forwards.

“Ok… Corphish! Let’s go!” Jeff stated, pointing the pokeball at the floor.

The shimmering orange body of Corphish appeared on the green gym floor. He looked around, confused, but soon got into the groove of things and prepared himself for a fight.

“<About time!>” Corphish crowed.

“Let’s keep it ranged, Corp!” Jeff advised, quietly.

“<Bring it on, you…ugly…dinosaur…human…thing…ummm…err…B*STARD-*SS!>” Corphish struggled to taunt. “<Wow, I haven’t made any battle insults in such a long time I think I forgot how!>”

“<I’ll take you down no problem. I could beat a crustacean like you surfing blindfolded!>” the Machop haughtily replied.

“Ok, dude! Use a karate chop!”

The gray figure began to run towards Corphish, determined and with his hand straightened out.


Corphish opened both of his pincers and precisely shot bubbles at the Machop like a machinegun. The waving blue orbs quickly hit the fighting type, bursting painfully on contact with his gray skin. Although the volley slowed the Machop’s charge, he was a determined pokemon. He ran straight through the bubbles, but was hurt in the process.

“Corppy! Ready for close quarters!”

Corphish nodded and put one claw forward to defend and brought one claw back to retaliate. The superpower pokemon brought a chop down, but the water type blocked the cut with his defending claw and brought his other pincer up the Machop’s jaw in a vengeful uppercut. He fell back and landed on his tail. The fighting type tried to get up but Corphish already ran towards him and he felt the cold wet pincer hit his face. Machop fell backwards, with his nose and mouth bleeding. Corppy was preparing to attempt another crabhammer attack, but Brawly recalled his pokemon first.

“Good try, dude… Hey little dude! That’s a pretty tough Corphish you got there! We’ll see how he flows against Makuhita here, though,” yelled Brawly, sending the yellow fighting pokemon onto the green floor. It began to walk towards Corphish.

“Ok Corp, nice work. Do the same thi-” Jeff was cut off by Brawly giving his order.

“Dude, use fake out!”

The guts pokemon sped up in a way that Jeff didn’t think was possible. Without time to react, Makuhita brought his black fist into Corphish’s face, sending him stumbling backwards, utterly stunned.

“Nice hit, Makuhita! Now do vital throw!” Brawly called, confidently.

The yellow fighting type grabbed Corphish by the horns and began to swing him around in circles. All Jeff could think about was when he did that to Treecko, knocking him out. Makuhita, now with enough momentum to do some serious damage, let go of Corphish and sent him careening towards Jeff. He was forced to duck to avoid his pokemon from hitting his head; poor Corppy hit the wall behind him and fell to the floor, unconscious.

“Damnit… sorry, Corp,” Jeff apologized, recalling Corphish to the pokeball. He looked around at the gym. Jeff noticed that the roof was only about twenty five feet high, not nearly enough room for Onix to battle. Even if he could, Jeff was still nervous about whether Onix really DID destroy that pokemon center.

He took out Daedalus’s pokeball. Jeff was beginning to realize that he went into this battle without thinking everything through. Daedalus still didn’t know about the last gym battle and he despised these fights. With merely a hope that Dae would battle, he released him to the field.

“Daedalus, please, I need your help.”

He materialized and looked around the field. There two humans facing off, one adrenaline filled pokemon; it didn’t take long for him to comprehend the situation. As soon as he did he turned to Jeff with an extremely betrayed look.

“Oh great, that’s two for four now,” he mumbled. “Please Daedalus… just this once,” he begged, louder.

The offended Taillow folded his wings and shook his head with a bold, “LOWW”.

“Please… I’m beggin-“

“LOW,” he replied again, cutting Jeff off. He then indignantly marched towards his pokeball, clicked the button, and turned into the red energy.

“Errr…dude? Do you have any more pokemon?” Brawly asked with some awkwardness in his voice.

“Well… I have an Onix…but he wouldn’t fit in here,” said Jeff with sudden insecurity.

“This town has had enough trouble with Onixes, anyways! We don’t need one tearing up the gym, too.”

There it was again. Onix and destruction. Was it his Onix? That couldn’t be; he found it near Petalburg. Was it the species as a whole?

Jeff’s train of thought was broken with Brawly’s voice. “I’m sorry, dude, but if you don’t have another pokemon, you’re going to have to forfeit and try again later.”

He sighed.

His voice shaky from frustration and embarrassment at the disgraceful loss, he said, “I…guess I…have no choice. I… give…u-”


Jeff’s lips froze in their very place and he turned around, little by little. He found his entire body slowly turning to the noise. He saw a body silhouetted by the brightness outside. Its arms were folded and the tail as well as the overall was unmistakable.

It was Treecko.

The soaking, cut-up, smug Treecko.

“Is that little dude gonna battle with you?” Brawly asked.

“No, he’s not. He should be rest-” Jeff was interrupted by Treecko’s tail hitting his face. The lizard then walked onto the field, his point proven. The bewildered Makuhita looked at the equally confused Brawly.

Man, this dude has some serious relationship problems with his pokemon,” thought the gym leader to himself.

“Treecko, are you sure you want to ba…” This time, Jeff cut himself off upon seeing Treecko glare into him, more offended than Daedalus. “Right, sorry. I’m not supposed to ask you that.”

“So… it’s your badass Treecko against my tubular Makuhita, dude?” Brawly asked.

“I… guess it is,” Jeff replied, giving in.

“Righteous! Makuhita, start off with an arm thrust!”

The yellow pokemon began to run towards Treecko.

“Keep it ranged, Treecko!” Jeff advised.

The wood gecko, of course, moved in for a physical attack.

“…Or not. It’s your call,” he mumbled, irately.

Treecko awaited the first punch, which he knew was aimed for his face. Gracefully, he moved his head to the side, avoiding the punch, before slinking around behind Makuhita. Treecko pivoted in preparation to take out his legs with his tail. Makuhita sensed this and thrust his leg backwards to catch Treecko in the chest. The guts pokemon then whirled around and began to rapidly punch him, mostly in the face.

Treecko kept his neck firm and after multiple blows, spat out blood and jumped backwards. He then tried to use bullet seed. Much to his utter contempt, it didn’t work. He scowled and tried again. It was still to no avail.

“Treeeeeee CKO!” he roared in frustration.

He tried again and it finally worked. Bright yellow seeds shot from his throat. With aim directed in front of Makuhita’s path, he spat out the seeds with every ounce of strength that he possibly could. A cloud of smoke burst around the fighting type from the blow.

“Dude! Prepare to use force palm!” Brawly called out.

Treecko ran towards the shroud and rammed into Makuhita. He hit his tail into Makuhita’s chest, then pounded it across his face, and then finally hammered it into the back of his head as a result of an adept jumping maneuver.

Treecko turned to hit him again but Makuhita drove his hand into Treecko’s ribs. Neither human could see what happened but both heard a definite snap. The agony-surged lizard fell heavily to his knees, doubled over through gasps and grunts. Sweat dripped off of his snout. Rage and adrenaline poured into Treecko’s eyes.

“Treecko?! Are you ok?!” Jeff called through the smoke.

He got up just as quickly as he fell, determined not to lose.

“TREEECKO!!!” he yelled, doing a back flip. The tail, as a product from the graceful move, pounded up Makuhita’s chin. While flipping in the air, he propelled himself from the back flip into a frontward somersault. This brought his heavy tail onto the guts pokemon’s head. Makuhita fell onto his back. Treecko landed and the smoke began to clear. As soon as it did, he unleashed a volley of bullet seeds onto the already unconscious fighting type, causing bits of the floor to fly up all around him.

“Dude, not cool!” Brawly mumbled, returning Makuhita to a pokeball. “Nice job, Jeff. I wasn’t expecting that!”

Treecko began to walk towards Jeff. He stumbled in his place a bit as he walked.

“You were awesome, Treecko. Thank you, but you should really be-”

Treecko collapsed on the floor beside Jeff. The human immediately dropped to his knees and held him. Treecko coughed up some blood, which tricked down his chin and onto his chest. As Jeff quickly followed the sharp red liquid’s trail, he noticed that Treecko’s upper chest was very purple and indented inwards. He was gasping for air and heaving at a disturbingly irregular rate.

“Oh sh*t.”

The frantic Jeff instantaneously picked Treecko up and as quickly and gently as he could, began to run with him in his arms.

“Dude! What about your badge?!” Brawly called, oblivious to the situation.

Jeff ignored him and ran through the doors. He sprinted past the sleeping guard and into the burdening downpour.

Arceus, you should have stopped him, you should have put him before the badge and ignored his stubbornness. Arceus! You f*cking idiot, Jeff! Look what happened to him!” The soul-stabbing thoughts rushed around his head, which subsequently began to lose color.

“Come on Treeck, hang on. Hang on. Hang on!”

The large drops of water hit both him and Treecko, despite his efforts to cover him. The blood from the wounded pokemon’s chin began to wash away, accompanying the rain to the ground.

“Oh good, you found him h-”


Her face suddenly went from relief to seriousness. Nurse Joy carefully made the transport of Treecko from Jeff to her and led them through a white door to the right of the counter which led to a bright hallway.

“Chansey, ER! Stat! Pneumothorax!” she ordered to the egg-bearing pokemon standing in the lobby. The Chansey nodded and followed her, her face also growing serious. Jeff immediately followed the pink pokemon.

Once in the room, Joy placed Treecko on a stretcher. She took out many instruments and placed the stretcher’s belt ceremoniously over the pokemon, to hold him down incase he woke up, presumably. Jeff kneeled down to Treecko’s right, holding his hand firmly with his right and cupping both with his left. The Chansey stood beside Nurse Joy and placed an IV line filled with morphine into Treecko’s left arm.

Nurse Joy picked up a sharp metal rod in her right hand and in her left was the end of a small hose, which led to a suction machine. In the Chansey’s hand was another hose which was hooked up to a machine which appeared to be for pumping oxygen. Also attached to Treecko was an ECG monitor, for his heart rate.

“Ok, Chansey? Three – two – one – now.”

To Jeff’s horror, she stabbed the metal rod into a precise position in Treecko’s chest.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Jeff’s father was a doctor; he knew what they were doing, but he still felt obliged to ask.

The pokemon’s pupils constricted and he gasped.

A single spurt of blood shot from the hole, which was now sealed by the rod. Droplets of blood landed on Treecko’s chest and one on Jeff’s cheek.

“Ready, Chansey? Now.”

Nurse Joy took the rod from his chest. More blood seeped from the hole.


Joy stuck her hose into the wound and blood began to fill the hose and suck towards the machine containing a blood bag. Just as quickly, Chansey put her hose into the leaking hole and oxygen began to pump into the lungs.

Treecko turned his head to Chansey.

Through labored heaves, he said, “<Tell… Jeff… I’m… proud… of… him…>”

And then he closed his eyes.

The monitor went wild.


“BPs dropping!”

“Chans chansey!”

“Prepare the defibrillator and up the oxygen output!”



Jeff squeezed Treecko’s still hand tighter.

“Oh Arceus, hang on, Treecko!”

“260 BPM. His BPs still plummeting! Bring that defibrillator over here.”



Nurse Joy took the gel accompanying the defibrillator and rubbed it on Treecko’s chest. She then readied the paddles.



There it was... the single sound that made both doctor's and visitor's hearts stop, themselves. Jeff's eyes widened and his grip on Treecko's hand tightened. He went into a state of frantic shock.



Jeff held Treecko’s limp hand with resolute zeal.


Tears began to form in his eyes.


“Clear! …Sir, please remove your hand!”

“NO!” Jeff shouted.

“Trainers…” she muttered. “Sir, remove your hand! I need to defibrillate your Treecko!”

Jeff’s hand didn’t move a muscle.

“Sir! Let go!”



“I’M NOT LETTING GO!” Jeff cried, still kneeling over Treecko.

“I’m NOT losing this patient because you’re too stubborn to let go of that Treecko! I’m giving you three seconds before I defibrillate!” she said, rubbing the paddles together. “One – two – three – clear!”


She pressed the paddles to Treecko’s gelled chest and zapped them. The shock went through Treeck, causing him to jump, and went from his hand into Jeff, causing him to twitch and fall to the ground. But he still held onto the lifeless, green hand. Jeff crawled back up, biting his lip and growling in raw emotion. Thoughts shot about Jeff’s bursting mind.



“Treecko… wake up… Arceus, buddy, please wake up! Come on! Please!”

“Chans sey!”



The surge went through the two again. Jeff writhed in agony on his knees but was determined to hang on. Tears soaked his face and torrents of blood here rushing to his head from the voltage. Beads of sweat fell from his forehead.


“It’s not looking good. Chansey, raise the voltage!”


This can’t happen. This wasn’t supposed to happen! We were supposed to battle from continent to continent, side by side. We were supposed to be just like my brother and his Treecko. We were supposed to be best friends. YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO DIE!!”




Jeff kneeled over Treecko, glowering from agony and pain. He was a mess. His hair was ruffled and on end, his nose was now bleeding from the liters of blood that rushed to his face from his increasingly speeding heart. A mixture of the rivers of tears, sweat, saliva, and blood met at Jeff’s chin. The solution dripped off, onto Treecko’s face. He couldn’t see straight and he flinched from the electricity flowing through him.

He examined the peaceful, calm Treecko and let out a final sob.

I didn’t mean to hit you! I didn’t mean to make you hate me! I didn’t mean to take you from your home and I didn’t mean to meet you and drag you into this sh*tty mess! Friends aren’t supposed to hurt friends! ...I failed you… and now you’re gone.”


“Treecko… I’m sor-”

And before Jeff lost consciousness, he felt his hand slip away.

Losing hope is easy
When your only friend is gone
And every time you look around
Well, it all, it all just seems to change


Jeff found himself staring upwards at a spotless white ceiling. He was on a hospital bed. The disoriented human propelled himself to a sitting position. Jeff looked down to see his hands shaking. He remembered what had happened and fear struck him like bolt of lighting would the tallest tree.

“…Was it a dream?"

He darted his head to his left.

“…A very bad dream?”


“…A nightmare?”

He darted his head forward.

“…Or is he…”


“…Is he really gone?”

He then closed his eyes and slowly turned his head to the right, afraid of what he might see. Fear and sadness pumped through his veins at the question. He had remembered all of it. His shut eyes began to moisten,

“…He can’t be…”

He opened them and an unexplainable surge of emotion hit him like sledgehammer.

It was him.

“T…T…T-Treecko?” he stammered unwillingly.

The lizard was lying in the bed next to him.

A now-sweet female voice came from the foot of his bed. “We managed to resuscitate your Treecko, remove all of the blood from his lungs, and reinflate them. If you had kept holding on we may not have been able to safely give him the proper voltage to restart his heart. So it’s a good thing you passed out when you did. You should consider both you and your Treecko very lucky! Just be sure that you two take it EXTREMELY easy for awhile.” Nurse Joy smiled before going to examine another patient.

“Lucky,” Jeff muttered in a laugh.

He dangled his legs over the right side of his bed and stood extremely shakily to his feet.

“Treecko… I… Are you ok?” was all that Jeff could bring himself to say.

He simply stared at Jeff and gave a weak grin. “<We won, didn’t we?>”

“Yes we diiiiiiiiiiii…” Jeff trailed off and was stunned. “What did you just say?”

“<What do you think I said?>”

His mouth slackened. “T-T-Treecko… I c-can hear you? …I can hear you! I can HEAR you!” Jeff then jumped at Treecko and hugged him, despite his countless injuries.

“<Congratulations.>” Treecko mildly chuckled with sarcasm in the comment. “<Now remember what I said about the hugging! Arceus, show some pride!>” He seemed not to care, but Jeff hoped that he was celebrating on the inside.

Jeff let go of the wincing pokemon, who now forced himself to an upright sitting position. The grass pokemon’s face was now serious, like he was remembering something.

“I... I’m… You… I…” Jeff attempted to speak but no words escaped his trembling lips. He internally hated himself for his lack of ability to tell him what he was going to say.

Treecko slowly blinked and struggled to stand on the bed. With tremendous effort, he turned around so that his twin-leaved appendage faced Jeff. Treecko then made eye contact with the human. Jeff, immediately catching on, made eye contact back. Both grinned simultaneously and Jeff grasped Treecko’s tail with his hand, who shook his hand back. After Treecko’s ceremonious gesture, the pokemon spoke with seriousness.

“<I think you have something that’s mine…>”

The teen was lost for a moment but then it hit him. Jeff reached into his pocket and pulled out the twig that he had familiarized with Treecko. The pokemon took the almost oversized object from him and began to stare at it. He was immediately lost in a profound state of thought. One couldn’t be sure whether he was thinking about the time it came from or where it came from or whatever else was running through his head.

He broke his concentration and placed the twig in his mouth. Jeff felt something fill in his eye that he had wished hadn’t.

Without hesitation, he pointed behind Treecko and remarked, “Hey! An explosion!”

The pokemon apathetically turned around to see for himself. The rogue tear escaped Jeff’s eye and landed on Treecko’s shoulder. The human mentally swore and shut his eyes.

“<What was that?>” Treecko asked, turning his head slightly to inspect what had hit him.

“Probably one of your stitches ripping, you stubborn bastard, you could have gotten yourself killed!” Jeff laughed heartily, while wiping the tear from his eye. “I’ll be right back; I’m going to get a Coke from the vending machine…”

Jeff let go of Treecko and stood up. He turned to his left and walked out of the ICU doors to the main lobby. He knew that the times were cheerful now, but the returning of his speech comprehension was a curse in disguise, and he knew it.

“Ignorance is bliss,” he muttered while approaching the CocaCola machine. He shakily inserted change into the slot and noticed that his hand was still quaking.

Probably from the electricity,” pondered Jeff as he heard the can of the beverage fall down into the dispensing area. He bent down to pick it and when he came back up he noticed someone staring at him out of the corner of his eye.

“Well, well, well,” said a voice that Jeff deemed familiar.

He turned and his eyes widened upon seeing the recognizable blond hair.



Losing hope is easy
When your only friend is gone
And every time you look around
Well, it all, it all just seems to change
But hanging on is easy
When you've got a friend to call
When nothings making sense at all
You're not the only one that's afraid of change



Songs: X & Y- Coldplay (Oh god, not another Coldplay song, right? XD )

Losing Hope- Jack Johnson

Sorry about the cliffhanger again. I had that ending planned for awhile. :P

So a lotta stuff happened in that chapter..^ ^;

The whole medical procedure scene was purposefully lacking in description to make it as hectic and fast-paced as possible, just so you know :p

I wanted to post the chapter with a new banner from Scenice but it hasn't come yet so... :X

Here's a picture of Treecko in the start of the chapter (NOTE: THIS PICTURE IS NOT MINE)

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