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“Squirtle…” the creature worriedly said, shrinking back into its safety zone and becoming idle in the sand. Grunting, Jeff got back up on his feet, recognizing the pokemon’s name and hoping it was who he was thinking of. He spat out the grains of sand from his mouth, and his gaze set upon Ace’s protective, immobile shell.

“Ace!” Jeff cried. He bent over and picked up the apparently frightened pokemon. “I was looking for you guys… I found you, at least. Sorry about that,” he continued gently, watching his words for fear of insulting him again. Ace’s round, aqua head peered out of the shell towards Jeff, then towards the ground.

“Squirtle!” it exclaimed, noticing that Jeff was holding him, and his head disappeared once more. Jeff sighed, knowing he couldn’t win with the little turtle, being a stranger to him and all. He looked around the beach, still not noticing the two teenagers.

“Well, can you at least point out where Kevin is?” Jeff asked politely, frowning. He heard a murmur from inside the pokemon’s shell, but no comprehensible response was given. Jeff grinned slightly, then said, “What about Rachel?” He placed the seemingly fragile Ace on the ground, and he emerged from his shell and began scrambling towards another area of the medium-sized beach. Jeff followed closely behind, trying not to lose sight of the diminutive Squirtle like he did with Brawly. Soon, Ace had brought Jeff to the other two teenagers, who were already laying on two beach chairs, relaxing in the sun.

“It’s about time you found us,” Kevin commented, slightly lifting up his sunglasses. “We went to one of the shops in Dewford to get some things for the beach. Rachel just had to go… and then use MY money.”

“Whatever. I told you I’d pay you back later,” Rachel replied.

“So… that’s where you guys went? I’ve been here for a while, you know; you could have told me something!” Jeff cried, aggravated. If he had known they were there previously, he most likely wouldn’t have noticed Brawly, and most definitely wouldn’t have stumbled over poor Ace.

“Oh, we saw you after we were set up, so we sent Ace out there to get ya,” Kevin explained, patting the Squirtle on the back. He patted a little too powerfully, sending Ace falling forward into the sand, some of it sticking to his shell. Saying nothing, he slowly stood back up on his stubby legs, grumbling as he brushed the grit off of his belly.

“Well, I just went back to check on Treecko again… So, Kevin, where’s this oh-so-fantastic starter of yours?” Jeff asked, lightening up at the fact he’d be able to see the pokemon Kevin seemed to be most proud of.

“We’ll save the best for last. Don’t ya think that’s a good idea?” Kevin inquired, smirking. “Release yours, and same goes for Rachel, too, so even your pokemon will see it when you do.”

Jeff sighed, and pulled out his other three pokeballs, leaving Treecko’s empty one behind. Daedalus and Corphish materialized in front of the two, which only caused Kevin’s grin to increase in size at the tiny creatures.

“Last, but not least, we have Onix,” Jeff explained, hesitating in releasing the rock serpent pokemon. With everyone around, he wasn’t sure what would happen. Nonetheless, he released Atlas in a nearby unoccupied area, and the giant snake emerged.

“Alright. We have Corphish, Daedalus, and Onix. I haven’t name--” Jeff began, but was cut off by his furious Taillow.

“<His name is Atlas, you idiot,>” Daedalus simply stated. Jeff glared at him in hopes of getting him to stop. “<Hey, you had time to talk to him all day,>” the bird added sternly, his voice matter of fact.

“<I wouldn’t talk like that, Dae. He may do what he did to me, and stick you in a bike basket in a way where all you can see is your birdy ass,>” Corppy informed. Jeff dared to look at Kevin and Rachel, unsure if they could understand the pokemon’s speech or not. He sincerely hoped neither of them could.

“Your pokemon sound a little TOO friendly, Jeff. You might wanna tell them to tone it down a little,” Kevin said cynically.

“<Hey, Jeff, if your friend here is another sarcastic Treecko clone… Well, who knows what Dae--HEY!>” Corphish exclaimed upon being attacked by Daedalus’s sharp break.

“<Don’t even mention his name!>” Daedalus scolded after teaching Corphish his lesson, then flew up towards Atlas’s head, as he was the only person he wasn’t irritated or unfamiliar with at the moment. Jeff sighed deeply; already, this wasn’t going well. At least he knew his Onix’s name out of all this, and would be able to address him by his real name later on, when the time was right.

“Um, yeah… They’re really lovable once you get to know ‘em,” he claimed, then suggested for Rachel to continue with the introductions.

“I’m not sure what they said, but still, cool pokemon,” she said solemnly, eyeing Atlas suspiciously. She pulled her gaze away from him for a moment, withdrawing two red and white spherical devices. “I have Avis, a Pidgey, and Strix the Zubat.” Smiling, she released the two from their pokeballs. A bird pokemon with an assortment of brown and white feathers appeared, and it immediately took to the skies, enjoying the fresh air. Jeff assumed it was an amiable moment, especially since the last time it was free from the ball was in the pokemon center. Next, a bat-like pokemon emerged, following closely after Avis with its small, blue wings, and Jeff was unable to get a good look at it.

“Hey, Daedalus, why don’t you go join them?” Jeff suggested, trying to look like a decent trainer for at least a minute. The Taillow seemed uninterested, and the two stared off with each other for a few moments, Daedalus’s black eyes piercing into Jeff’s. Doubt and hopelessness began to flood through the teenager; he was still uncertain on how to fix this situation, only having such problems with his starter so far. The Taillow soon deemed Jeff a waste of time and turned to Atlas, who was probably confused as to what was going on.

“<So… He can understand me now if I talk to him?>” Atlas questioned eagerly, succeeding in avoiding trouble.

“<Yeah, but don’t get your hopes up on anything amazing.>”

“<Why not? He seems nice enough…>”

“<Stick around and find out,>” Daedalus replied modestly. He remained in his spot, not even considering to take Jeff’s offer and fly after the other unacquainted pokemon. Atlas dismissed the comment, and focused his attention on his trainer again, anticipating the next action.

“Alright, Kevin, I showed you mine, and you have no more excuses. Show your starter already!” Jeff nosily commanded, fed up with the waiting.

“Fine, fine.” Kevin gave in, and stood up from his seat. He avoided stepping on Corphish in the process, who was busy with throwing the newly bought beach ball at Ace’s shell in an attempt for him to come out. Kevin chuckled at his inferior Squirtle, and pulled out his starter’s pokeball, which looked just like any other one; Jeff expected something fancy and special for such a glorified pokemon. Still grinning, Kevin cried, “Let’s go, Blitz! Let everyone see just how awesome you are!”

The pokeball was thrown into the air, and a blinding white figure appeared on the sand as the ball was retracted to Kevin’s hand. As the white began to instantly fade, Jeff could already sense that there was something vaguely recognizable about the figure. A mantis pokemon was able to be seen, its menacing and intimidating cream-colored blades standing out above all other features.

“Scyther!” it proudly cried, its sharp, raspy voice sending adrenaline coursing through Jeff’s body. Jeff looked around the group frantically, searching for even the slightest clue of red, but was sincerely, yet relatively relieved when he saw none. The Scyther, Blitz, also looked at his surroundings, and his hazel eyes stopped dead in their tracks when they reached Jeff. The boy had to force himself to not cry out, and remain in his current position. He couldn’t leave his pokemon with the creature, after all, if it was anything like his previous encounter with the species…

“<You… I know you!>” Blitz exclaimed. He raised one of his blades to Jeff, causing him to jump and take a few quick steps back.

“Heh… So, you two actually know each other?” Kevin asked with one of his eyebrows raised. “Well, that must be an honor, right, Jeff?”

Jeff’s mouth opened to respond, but no words were able to come out. He began to briefly think fate was out to get him once again, bringing about the same Scyther that he encountered the day he met Treecko. Utterly stunned, an incredibly small part of Jeff wanted to thank Blitz for incidentally causing him and Treecko to cross paths, as it was a momentous and life-changing day indeed, but his effort only came in vain. The terrorizing and dreaded metal cutting across his skin, the harrowing chase through the forest, and the thoughts of whether or not he was going to come out alive crushed him and his soul. The boy’s knees began to wobble, as if he were to fall down in defeat at any moment, just as he had done before his savior had bravely come in. He grabbed his left shoulder as he had done that night, and was even more frightened to see that no relief came to him when he realized there was no blood present. He could have sworn he heard himself screaming from the agony again. An immensely disquieting sensation coursed through his white and lavender scar. Warm waves of sweat and chills crawled up and down his back and neck. Jeff took a pace backwards while color continued to drain from his face. Every single instinct in Jeff’s possession yelled at him to run.

Everyone around Jeff looked at him, and it was clear that each person was puzzled besides Blitz, also recalling the fateful night. The Scyther put down his blade, seeing that just his presence could send chills down Jeff’s spine and send him down a trail of unsolicited, gruesome memories. Blitz took a step forwards, holding his scythes at his sides in such a way so that he’d be identified as non-threatening. Nevertheless, the terrified teen took another step backwards in result of the Scyther’s approach. Jeff’s foot, unfortunately, took a misstep on Ace’s shell and plummeted backwards onto his rear. That feeling of helplessness and impending doom returned as Blitz took another step towards him. He knew that this must have been how Ace felt whenever he was with him. The brown-haired teenager was trembling out of fear and anxiety. His fight-or-flight response kicked in, and he vividly remembered what happened the last time he tried to fight this thing. He was left with only one sure fire solution.

Jeff took the only escape route he could seem to find. Leaving his three pokemon in the hands of Kevin and Rachel despite earlier thoughts, he bolted from his sitting position and began to run through the sand, ignoring the gleaming sun that blinded some of his view. He heard a young girl yell out to him as he ran right past her, trampling over her towel and other belongings in the process, but the voice was slurred and incomprehensible to Jeff. His heart pounding, he continued running, trying to leave behind the cause of the life-threatening situation the best as he could.

Sprinting faster than he ever thought he could, he plowed through sandcastles and leapt over sunbathers enjoying the rays. Through his mad dash, he managed to make out a beach shop ahead of him to his right. Jeff changed his course and ran towards that destination as opposed to ‘anywhere but back there’. He swung around the side of the structure so that he would be concealed from Blitz’s or anyone else’s views. With his back pressed up against the wall, he slid to a sitting position and clutched his left shoulder with shaky hands.

“Oh crap. Crap, crap, crap, crap…” Jeff constantly grunted between exerted pants.

What Jeff wouldn’t give for the protection of Treecko in this lone moment. He fought that Scyther off once before… he’d be able to do it again.

The teen brought his hands to his temples and tightened his eyes. He heard screams--ones not reminiscent howls in the form of a flashback, but real yells of dread coming from the beach.

“Oh, Arceus, no! Kevin should never have released it here. It’s going to start attacking the people on the beach. I left my pokemon with it, but I had to.” He silently pleaded for Kevin to recall the Scyther as the impenetrable screams continued.

After many moments of hesitation, Jeff brought himself to slowly edge against the wall towards the rusty, metal corner of the shop to see the probable carnage. The terrified teen moved in such a cautious way it was as if he were traversing through a minefield. He peered around the corner to find a crowd of the beach inhabitants running away from the place where he was previously with his pokemon and the others. Through the panicked mob he could see the distinct blue hair of the gym leader going against the flow of people. Jeff immediately turned his head so that the back of it was once again against the sheet metal wall. He heard people who were running by mention something about something returning to the town, and how they were told to leave the beach while Brawly took care of it. His heart rate remained at a rapid pace. Jeff shut his eyes and waited.

“What the hell is going on here?” he thought to himself. “It’s just one disaster after another!”

Jeff decided to brave up and open his eyes. The teen was surprised and confused to see the crowd halted near the edge of the beach, which was a little ways away from Jeff’s hiding place. A line of people stood staring past him and at where Brawly must have been. He heard something over the distant nervous chattering that made his heart stop.

Humming. Jeff heard the humming of fast beating wings- that of a bug. It grew louder and undoubtedly closer. There was only one pokemon on that beach who he knew could make a noise like that, and it was the one pokemon he wished he would never see again. He began to sweat in fearful anticipation as the dreaded drone grew louder; the moment was reminiscent of a falling artillery shell approaching its target. Jeff looked at one of the people in the crowd who pointed above both the teen and the now deserted stand in awe.

The louder the buzz became, the tighter he clutched his scarred arm. Then it happened. There was a definite clank on the roof of the metal shop above him and the humming stopped. Every part of Jeff froze. His widened eyes slowly moved upwards to find a blade which was fixed to a light green limb above him, seemingly branching from the roof. His heart seemed to beat in slow motion now as he prayed that it didn’t see him. Much to Jeff’s luck, or so he thought, the Scyther remained oblivious to Jeff.

He then heard the pokemon call out, “<Human, come back… The Onix is in trouble.>”

Jeff realized that he was calling to him and that the Onix was Atlas. The teen shakily moved back towards the corner of the stall and poked his head around the corner. He could see Atlas--who appeared to be in pain--and a human. The figure had the unmistakable aqua hair which Jeff identified with Brawly.

“What the… Onix? At-Atlas? What’s Brawly doing? What’s going on?!” muttered Jeff to himself.

Jeff initially couldn’t bring himself to leave his secure position for fear of being cut up and mangled by the terrifying pokemon. He remained in his place, his head close to the corner so he could still examine the event. He began to quickly ignore the fact that Blitz was directly above him as his attention was drawn to Atlas and Brawly. Much to Jeff’s initial terror, but soon following overwhelming relief, he heard the humming of Blitz start up again and then fade farther back from where he came. Jeff peered around the corner again to see Atlas hunched over. Regardless of the fact that the Scyther could still be around, Jeff stepped out from his hiding place and started to slowly walk along the beach towards them to get a better look, carefully trying to not run into Blitz at the same time. Sure enough, the gym leader’s trusty Makuhita was standing in the sand, apparently in a fighting stance. He also noticed two humans and their pokemon watching from the side, along with Jeff’s.

“What the hell…” he muttered, speeding up towards the group. He sincerely hoped this wasn’t about what he thought it was. Slowing his run as he reached everyone, he reached for Atlas’s pokeball to return him before Brawly could order the fighting-type to do anything to the gentle rock serpent.

“What does he think he’s doing?” Jeff whispered to Kevin.

“Apparently, your Onix is a convict or something. Oh, and Blitz is in his pokeball now, in case you decide to run away like that again,” Kevin replied, chuckling softly. Jeff shot a glare at him, though he could have admitted he was relieved that Blitz was gone--for now, at least. He shoved that thought away, and listened intently as he realized Brawly was talking.

“Makuhita, dude, watch the Onix closely, and totally attack without hesitation if you think he shows even the littlest sign of harming anyone. He seems totally fine for now… I’m going to find some dude who can ship him off to somewhere father away,” Brawly claimed, then solemnly added, “Whoever decided to bring him back here is totally bogus to me…” As he began to start running in an attempt to get someone as soon as possible, he saw Jeff outstretching his arm with the white and red spherical device in his hand. Brawly changed his direction, and didn’t think twice about his actions when grabbing the teenager’s arm, then moving it away so that the red beam missed its target.

“What was that for? This is MY Onix,” Jeff proudly stated, trying to put a threatening expression on his face at the same time.

“This is yours, dude? I guess that’s totally not a surprise,” Brawly said through gritted teeth. “You must be trying to become really famous out here, dude. This Onix is the SAME one that went on a rampage on Dewford not long ago. I can tell because of the scar it has. Radical thinking, bringing it back here, ya?” His voice was harsh and serious, but had no effect on Jeff as he refused to accept what he was saying. The words he heard earlier were indeed true, but these didn’t make any sense to him. His grip on the pokeball tightened, and for a moment he was afraid he was going to crush it, if that was even possible.

Jeff scowled. “I think you’re making a big mistake. Atlas--that’s his name--couldn’t do something like that. Since I got him, he’s shown no signs of being violent or anything, and you’re accusing him of… this!” he cried, imagining the destroyed houses again.

“Tell me, dude, how long you’ve had Onix, Atlas, whatever,” Brawly somberly ordered.

Gulping, he said, “Not very long, but--”

“Then you don’t know what he’s capable of yet, dude! I don’t know which situation is worse: the gym battle, or this!” he shouted, the words embedding themselves into Jeff’s head. Once again, the gym leader was correct, but he simply excluded the thoughts of giving Atlas up to him. He considered looking to Kevin or Rachel for help, but decided against it, knowing they hadn’t known Atlas long enough to solidly confirm that destruction just wasn’t likely to come from the pokemon.


“You what, dude? Judge by the Onix’s first actions? Y’know, every dude on Dewford can tell you that the Onix is a total menace. And only I can tell you that your team will become even more messed up because of this Onix’s personality,” Brawly claimed, his words piercing through Jeff once more.

Atlas remained still in his place. His eyes shifted over from warily watching the Makuhita to the two arguing humans behind it. The rock snake then sunk his head slightly. Jeff remained clenching the pokeball with a silent intensity emanating from him.

“Now hand over the pokeball, dude… Now! Can’t have you running off with this friggin’ con while I’m getting help!” the gym leader ordered, his grip of Jeff’s arm tightening. Brawly awaited the answer for a moment before asking affirmation. “Full on?”

The angered teen attempted to rip his arm from Brawly’s firm grasp, only to budge the gym leader’s arm slightly with the forceful pull.

“I don’t think you understand how in over your crumbeater head you are. Now quit givin’ me that stink-eye and hand over the friggin’ pokeball.”

Flustered, Jeff shouted, “No! I don’t think YOU understand! Me and Atlas are not bad people! How dare you accuse my Onix of this chaos! He wouldn’t touch a damn fly! Besides, there’s a lot of Onix with scars--”

“<Jeff…>” Atlas said softly, looking out to the sea.

The teen stopped and turned around. He was in the process of speaking when Atlas began in another low grumble.

“<…What he says is true,>” the guilty Onix mumbled.

The color drained from Jeff’s flushing face. Still, he thought that Atlas was confessing to avoid further trouble--it seemed like something the genial creature COULD do. He viewed his statement as false and deceptive.

“<I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t control it… The pain… It took over. I didn’t want to- I…>” Atlas urged, shutting his eyes in shame.

“Yeah, whatever dude. The fact of the matter is we caught him red-tailed and now that he knows he’s busted he’s confessing. Jeff, dude, give me his pokeball before he goes bananas again. This time he might hurt your crewbies,” Brawly scoffed, gesturing to Kevin, Rachel, and the pokemon.

“<Do it, Jeff… He has the right to…>”

“…No. NO! You WON’T take my Onix away from me!”

“No way, man. You can’t pull the ‘righteous trainer card’ now! I know what you are. You’re an irresponsible trainer who can’t take care of his pokemon and got lucky with those two badges you’ve supposedly earned.”

“Hey, now wait a minute!” Kevin remarked, stepping in to defend Jeff.

“Back off, Kev,” the other teen ordered

“But Jeff, he--”

“I SAID I CAN HANDLE IT,” Jeff roared, losing his temper. He guessed there‘d be no possible way to make Atlas deny his accusations and said, “Atlas said he didn’t mean to so I believe him!”

“And that brings all of the destroyed houses back, yeah?” the irked gym leader retorted.

Jeff sighed and adamantly stated, “You’re not taking Atlas away...” His grip on the pokeball remained steadfast.

“Dude, I’m gonna ask you ONE more time before I sic my bro, Makuhita, on that pokemon who is no more than a destructive beast!”

Atlas sunk at the harsh comment, still unable to move for worry of Brawly’s fighting type attacking him again.

“Take it back,” Jeff simply commanded.

“Give me the…”

“TAKE IT BACK!” he yelled again. Jeff dropped the pokeball and wrenched his now free arm from Brawly’s grasp. The infuriated teen raised his fist and, within a second, uppercut the gym leader in his jaw.

Brawly stumbled back a few steps, but was followed by Jeff, who executed two more quick blows to his face. The attacker subconsciously grinned and quickly examined the smear of blood on his right knuckle. Meanwhile, Brawly was collecting himself and raised his own fists.

“Shouldn’t have done that, man,” Brawly said with a sneer across his tanned face. Blood trickled from his nose and lip as a result from Jeff’s sucker punches.

The teen’s adrenaline raised much like it had done when Blitz appeared. He then took a fighting stance. Jeff inched forward in an attempt to make the first move but he noticed Brawly beat him to the draw. The blue-haired fighting expert charged him. Before Jeff could even move to defend himself, he felt his knees being kicked out from under him. Within the one millisecond, he felt and remembered the tenderness of his once-dislocated knee. Then he felt his back on the sand.

During this, Jeff had his eyes closed. Without time to react from the precise fall, he felt Brawly’s warm fist hammering his face and chest. Lack of sensation overtook his nose, lips, and face. In addition to the cold, numbing feeling, he felt hot drops of blood leak from the cuts, providing an unpleasant contrast.

Jeff dared to open his eyes after the actions happened so fast. He let out a faint grunt as he opened his eyelids. The defeated assailant looked up to see Brawly standing over him, his sandal placed on Jeff’s chest. He tried to get up, but the victor kept him from doing so; Brawly just pressed his foot into his ribs harder. Then he heard a voice.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” it yelled.

Jeff lifted his head up to see an infuriated Kevin walking towards Brawly, as if ready to strike.

“Kevin, he DID attack him first,” Rachel added uncertainly.

“Yeah, back off bro, or do you want to end up like your friend here?” Brawly asked, gesturing to Jeff.

The teenager dropped his aching head back into the sand, lazily spitting blood from his mouth. Makuhita turned his head around to face Brawly.

"That's not fair! Jeff was only--" complained Kevin before being interrupted.

“Brah, I said keep your eyes on that Onix!” Brawly said to the Makihita.

Makuhita abruptly turned back around to face Atlas, who looked down at Jeff in worry and guilt. Kevin continued to yell at the gym leader.

“Aren’t you gonna let him up?!” he spat in disdain.

“Doesn’t look like it, dude,” he calmly replied, holding his hand to his bleeding nose as he turned to face Kevin.

Out of anger, Jeff seized the opportunity while Brawly was distracted. He grabbed the leg pinning him down and lifted it off of his chest. The teen threw his leg to make the gym leader lose balance and instantly after, Jeff rolled towards Brawly’s still-landlocked leg. He fell to the ground beside him. Jeff hopped onto Brawly’s chest and prepared to commence the beating. But then he heard a snarling to his right. Before he could punch Brawly, he turned to see where the noise came from and as he did, whatever it was tackled Jeff off the blue-haired gym leader and back into the sand.

He felt claws pinning his shoulders into the sand. Jeff opened his eyes and saw a four-legged, orange furred animal on top of him. All he could really pay attention to was the razor sharp teeth being bore at him and the saliva dripping onto him as a result. The dog-like pokemon had tufts of pale yellow fur beneath its intimidating mouth and atop its head. Jeff swore he could see a wave of heat radiating from the Growlithe’s throat while it pinned him down. While shrinking back in defeat from the dog pokemon, Jeff could hear the running of other feet in the sand. In addition to that, he heard commands coming from officers to surround Atlas, and to not let their guards down when watching him.

“Brawly, what’s going on here?” another voice asked, motioning towards Jeff on the ground.

“This dude owns the Onix… and then he totally attacked me after I said I was going to get help,” Brawly explained, his eyes fixed upon the teenager in contempt.

“Is that so?” the officer muttered, and then ordered for the Growlithe to leave his position on top of the boy. Jeff didn’t feel pushed into the sand anymore, and let out a small sigh of relief. As a reaction, he began to sit up, his face and chest throbbing in pain from the scuffle, the alleviation quickly vanishing. He wasn’t able to go any further, however, as he felt his arms being grabbed once again and placed behind his back. Chills crept up his arm as he felt the cold metal of handcuffs callously placed upon his wrists, and then he was hoisted up by one of the officers from the sand.

“This is ridiculous,” Kevin protested. “Jeff didn’t do a single damn thing wrong here!” His attempt to help his friend was ignored.

“We’ll take care of the Onix,” another officer assured Brawly and the guy keeping a unyielding hold on Jeff. “Let’s go, boy.” He fiercely pushed Jeff as a signal to start walking; Jeff didn’t even have to question about where they were headed. As he stumbled through the sand, trying to keep up with the cop‘s fast pace, he took once last glance at his friends and pokemon. A feeling of desolation swept over him as he then focused on the benevolent and dismayed expression on the Onix’s face. Turning back his head to see where he was stepping, he wondered how the peaceful rock serpent could be so misunderstood and mistaken for a monster.


And now to hide from the angry mob who thought Kevin was Alan. ^_^ Jeff should consider himself lucky.
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