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    Originally Posted by Hanako Tabris View Post

    Anyhow, I enjoyed the parts about praying to a god all you want, but nothing good comes out of it. Call me crazy, but I love when characters question faith. It makes me happy inside. And I'm interested in Edward's past in the military.

    I noticed that once again, a Growlithe limps its way into a story by you. I don't know if I asked you this before, but do you like Growlithe? You use them in roles that any other canine Pokemon could fit in (well, at least in this story. Growlithe are the police dog of the Pokemon world).
    Anyway, I do like Growlithe, but not obessively so. I was debating of giving a different one for Edward, but Growlithe fit in this circumstance and her appearance actually has a point instead of me just wantonly choosing to use that species for the heck of it. But yeah, it is one I'd use more commonly. As far as bias goes, anything animal-like, furry, and four-footed is more liable to make its way into a story of mine than other pokemon... but yeah. All the pokemon the main characters get have a reason for them having that particular species this time around. xD

    And just to let you know, I want to review what you recently posted elsewhere. The voice of that story intrigues me since I had an idea to write a story in that same idea of a voice.
    Which story? o.o'

    And the next chapter should be coming your way soon-ish, btw.

    Originally Posted by Grovyle42(Griff4815) View Post
    A quite nice chapter. I couldn't help notice you bring the life/death theme into another one of your works :) Is that Russian or something similar in the pre-chapter song/poem?
    Yep. It is Russian. It's the song from the anime Ghost in the Shell, if you've heard of it. I actually haven't seen the show myself, but I love the song many times over. I like its lyrics especially.

    Thanks for your review!

    Originally Posted by iLike2EatPiez View Post
    Love it. The precise way you worded it makes the reader begin to understand your main character, which gives it a lot of that feeling. It's the kind of prologue you look at and this, "Wow. This is gonna be one heck of a good fic!"
    Thanks. xD I hope I live up to those expectations.

    Originally Posted by txteclipse View Post
    That's a little odd. Anyways, this fic is shaping up good, but it seems to me like you tag the word "too" onto some sentences that don't need it.
    You're quite right about the 'too' thing. I'll have to go over again some time and trim it some more. :/ It does seem rather unnecessary. Thanks for pointing those out!

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