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    Originally Posted by ACC-M View Post
    Well... AE is in the army 'til sometime around July, I believe, so he'll be kind of sporadic with posting for a while. However, perhaps Hanako is out of action until her sword is entirely prepared, or she gets injured during her bout?
    Umm...did it somehow pass you guys by that Hanako has already been beaten up big time? Kurodaiya's final attack pretty much pincushioned her (and no, the bark wasn't enough to deflect that), she used up almost all her chakra in the fight, and lost a heckuva lot of blood on the repair technique, and that's not even getting into the trauma of having your bonded weapon smashed to pieces. Admittedly you wouldn't have known about the last bit, but I thought the rest was pretty obvious. o.O

    So yeah, Hana is going to be in treatment for a looong time for numerous cuts, severe blood loss and an over-exhausted chakra circulation system that need recovery, which is the diagnosis I was planning to land her with once things got to a point where she actually gets some treatment. (still bleeding, and with all those sharp things wedged into her. Let me tell you, I wouldn't want to get hurt as a member of either of these teams xD) She pretty much pulled a Rock Lee, except with less of the crazy-forbidden technique of doom business. No one-on-one battles to the death for her, though she might come around to cheer. ;3
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